Wordle 352 4/6* 

1: N C N N N
2: N Y Y N C
3: Y Y Y N N
4: Y Y Y Y Y

Wordle 349 4/6* 

1: N N N N C
2: C C N C N
3: Y C N Y Y
4: Y Y Y Y Y

Couldn't think of a word for 3, so made a couple wild guesses with semi-random letters and hit one I was unfamiliar with.

Wordle 316 4/6* 

1. N N C C N
2. C Y N N N
3. N Y Y Y N
4. Y Y Y Y Y

Wordle 315 4/6* 

1. N N C C N
2. N N Y C N
3. Y Y Y N N
4. Y Y Y Y Y

Wordle 313 4/6* 

1: C N N N C
2: C C N N C
3: N Y N C C
4: Y Y Y Y Y

Wordle 312 4/6* 

1: N Y N N N
2: N Y Y C N
3: Y Y Y Y N
4: Y Y Y Y Y

N=No, C=Close, Y=Yes

Wordle 311 5/6* 

1: N N N N N
2: N N N C C
3: C C Y N C
4: N C Y Y Y
5: Y Y Y Y Y

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Tips for new folks 

Content warnings and image captions are an important part of fedi culture. Both features promote inclusivity in their own way, and should be used liberally! You may find people are reluctant to boost otherwise good posts that lack one or both of these features.

"Politics", mentions of violence or other triggering subjects, spoilers, long posts, and plenty of other things greatly benefit from a content warning and keep fedi safer for more people.

Wordle Accessibility 

So are wordle posts accessible? I feel like a bunch of colored squares probably aren't.

Wordle 310 2/6*

What's better:
1: C N N Y Y
2: Y Y Y Y Y
(Where C is close, N is No, and Y is Yes for each letter. This is closer to the intent of the original share, giving a quick representation of the guesses)

1: 1 in wrong spot, 4 and 5 correct.
2: Win.


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