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@BrianEnigma Even though I've used it for years, I've recently embraced "y'all" as a gender neutral way of addressing folks.

@boogah 👍 I still have a bit of a cognitive problem using “y'all” but found it was pretty easy to reprogram my brain to use “folks” or “friends” or “team” with very little effort and only a few embarrassing (to me, but probably not to others around me) self-corrections for slip-ups.

@BrianEnigma Y'all is easy for me because I had an Okie grandma who used the term liberally enough for me to fall in love with it.

I've caught a tiny bit of shit for using it ("Why do you even say y'all? You're from California!") but I don't let that bother me.

@BrianEnigma She also used Okie (to describe herself) enough for me to not realize that people used it as a derogatory term against people who survived the Dust Bowl and wound up in the western states.

@BrianEnigma Back when I was one of the first folks at a startup, I got to name the company-wide mailing list. Thus, it was "yall@..."