Is Google trying to tell us that chat is just like Docs, but reversed and with a doot-doot horn?

Dear Mastodon, am I breaking the law by having Irish Breakfast tea in my Cup O’ Joe? [Y/N]

Voting comfortably at the dining room table, with research materials at hand, as it should be everywhere in this country.

You know those houses in Paper Boy where you’re not supposed to deliver newspapers?

The new Trump Tower. I think it might be bigger on the inside?

The warning alert that says it’s too dark to fly? Yeah, don’t ignore that one.

A tale of two batteries, both model 18500. From one manufacturer, 3.2V. From another, 3.7. That explains why my controller kept wigging out over low batteries.

I was awarded another patent today. Regardless of what you (or I) feel of software patents, you still have to check out the smiling-tie-man clipart diagram. Marvel at how his shirt is transparent, but his face is not.

Just a normal Saturday of reflashing firmware into my floor lamp, using an FTDI port.

COVID, statistics 

“Covid doesn't effect young people.”

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