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Brian Enigma

Teabags with butterflies on the end of the strings are more expensive than plain teabags, but give me an incalculable amount of joy to use.

Oh, you know, just spending my evenings designing & manufacturing labware fixtures, like a normal adult human.

♪ “Green is not a creative color.” ♪

Morning coffee in my Blue Ox Bar mug, while I work on revving the design of some laser-cut lab equipment.

When Friday date night is pondering cryptics at a pub with @christinerose followed by a walk to Powell’s questing for a cryptic how-to book.

Today is a good day for UTC socks.

I've heard about this new thing where you intentionally post contrivercial statements to upset people. I think it's called . I think I'll give it a try.

I forgot to share this photo that @christinerose took of me swimming among the EULAs at .

A benefit of working from home this morning: horseradish cheddar.

The message pooped up on screen.

Hanging out with my cat friends (and also human friends) at

I will have a large number of pins with me to hand out to anyone at who’d like one. I’ll also see if I can leave a few strategic caches out for folks that might want to avoid human contact in acquiring one.