I don't know if this says something about me or Slack's marketing department, but the more I see the new logo, the less I see the negative-space swastica and the more I see the pinwheel of cock-and-balls.

Given that I’ve only seen this kind of tripod winch in movies, I can only conclude there’s an archaeology or military operation occurring at PSU.

Seven years later and I’m still 3D printing Seej bricks, though the tech has improved. I now get status updates on my watch. zheng3.com/seej/

Who has two thumbs and a denture container full of silly putty? THIS GUY! (Ow! My thumb tendon!)

Manhattan made with non-alcoholic whiskey. Not terrible, but not wonderful. And a weird foam head.

It’s like the Matterhorn, except no monster and no secret basketball court.

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