Dear CafePress: Can you be a little more specific about “and other information?”

So apparently “Garfield Go” is a thing that exists in the world. For reasons.

Starting to put together a kit that wants me to bend diodes to 7mm and realized I no longer have a lead-bending tool. So what do I do? Quick design on the laser cutter.

nbd, just a conductor and violinist performing with lightsabers.

I have a long day of xoxofest ahead, but first the gang demands food.

Hey guys*, whitewashing fence pieces is *SO FRICKIN’ FUN*, don’t you wish you were doing it?!?! I just might let you take over if you ask real nice.

* guys and girls and folks beyond the binary

A possibly silly question, but how many is too many tomatoes?

I’m starting to rewatch The Dark Crystal and there’s a part of my brain that’s half-expecting a Chemical Brothers beat alongside the opening narration.

I’ve been out of the country a few weeks, but managed to score a Ground Kontrol anniversary glass before they’re gone.

Why are there no USB-C thumb drives with the same near-flush form factor as the latest Yubikeys?

I’m rethinking that instant coffee slogan in this new context.

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