Of all the webpages I've had to author over the years, this one of my favorites.

I have a new deck of personal “business” cards, but I have this sneaking suspicion that the backs are marked.

Despite the long neck and two outstretched tube arms, reaching for a hug, I would like to remind fellow employees that this air conditioning unit is Not Andrew.

I haven’t read 2600 since the 90s, but recently decided to resubscribe and pick up a few backissues.

Portland’s biggest food cart pod is gone, to make way for a Ritz Carlton. I haz a sad.

It’s cool to see Blue Apron moving to recycled-paper-based insulation. It’s like analog glitch art.

Battery-powered laser projector test: booping a mouse on the nose

Preparations begin for movie night. Not pictured: campfire sandwich iron and popcorn popper.

Does anything important even use F1 these days? I’m about to map this to ESC.

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