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Brian Enigma

Teabags with butterflies on the end of the strings are more expensive than plain teabags, but give me an incalculable amount of joy to use.

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Spent the last several days designing a potions book for a Halloween party.

Oh, you know, just spending my evenings designing & manufacturing labware fixtures, like a normal adult human.

I thought I could get through the whole day without a coworker mentioning Talk Like a Pirate Day. I was mistaken.

When you have to git-rebase a feature branch with tons of conflicts and 100 commits across three areas of code expertise, so you make a spreadsheet of commits and pass the baton between three people. 🤦‍♂️

@davidcelis Ha! Derp. I totally didn’t notice the post date.

So, um the official Nintendo Twitter account is really leaning into the Stormy Daniels / Trump news, isn't it? 🤣

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I don't know anything about Captain Marvel but this trailer looks awesome and I cannot wait.

I must be missing something obvious since I can’t seem to drag cards between lists (or even reorder them in the same list) on the Trello iOS app. Dragging scrolls. 3D Touch brings up the detail dialog.

♪ “Green is not a creative color.” ♪

@tekniklr Yes and no? The handle stays cool, but the body _does_ conduct heat and cools my coffee faster than I’d like.

Morning coffee in my Blue Ox Bar mug, while I work on revving the design of some laser-cut lab equipment.

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Making invitations for our ⚡️HP⚡️Potions Class Halloween Party. @BrianEnigma

@tekniklr Same. (Except for the gouge I somehow got on the screen. Unhappy there.) Totally unclear what the new phones offer. Totally unclear what the new watches offer beyond a new info-overload face and ECG. And unclear how ECG is different from heartrate.

When Friday date night is pondering cryptics at a pub with @christinerose followed by a walk to Powell’s questing for a cryptic how-to book.

@tekniklr There are THREE NEW PHONES! And they’re different somehow. I feel like a few years ago, I might have been more on the pulse of what’s going on.

@boogah 👍 I still have a bit of a cognitive problem using “y'all” but found it was pretty easy to reprogram my brain to use “folks” or “friends” or “team” with very little effort and only a few embarrassing (to me, but probably not to others around me) self-corrections for slip-ups.