I have a vague memory of our happy hour group inventing a new drink last night at the fancy mixology bar. The MAGA: Budweiser Lite and A1 steak sauce, served in a tall glass rimmed with coke, garnished with a McNugget. Cheers!

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I don't know if this says something about me or Slack's marketing department, but the more I see the new logo, the less I see the negative-space swastica and the more I see the pinwheel of cock-and-balls.

Another day, another patent application submitted.

Is now a good time to admit that I don’t know the difference between a hard Brexit, soft Brexit, and full English Brexit?

I feel like hipster Portland bars need to start offering wine in a Pringles can. You should be able to pick which kind of wine and which flavor of Pringles. I'm still trying to determine if the chips are on the side or still in the can.

Given that I’ve only seen this kind of tripod winch in movies, I can only conclude there’s an archaeology or military operation occurring at PSU.

Seven years later and I’m still 3D printing Seej bricks, though the tech has improved. I now get status updates on my watch. zheng3.com/seej/

If all it takes is a wall, without security forces to constantly monitor and patrol it, then why the heck do we pay prison security guards to sit at lookout stations?

Who has two thumbs and a denture container full of silly putty? THIS GUY! (Ow! My thumb tendon!)

@tekniklr ...almost as good as an invisible not-quite-a-space at the end of a URL pasted from a Word doc into a Linux config file.

What if Survivor, but all the reality show contestants are literal survivors of various terrible abuses.

I’ll see myself out.

Manhattan made with non-alcoholic whiskey. Not terrible, but not wonderful. And a weird foam head.

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