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Oh, no big deal, just prototyping a dynamic soundtrack for the halloween party's Forbidden Forest room that adjusts itself based on time and user feedback. Soothing forest sounds to help you sleep, plus thunder, plus creepy whispers and chanting, plus intimidating animal noises.

(Turns out: the cats don't like wolves.)

Facebook is actively blocking people from posting the article about the 50-million-user Facebook hack. That's just bananas.

I'm fed up with Kavanaugh. Can we just put Kaepernick on the Supreme Court and be done with it?

Another day, another indecisive body with a scratchy throat that can’t decide whether or not it is sick.

Apple Air. Microsoft Water. Google Earth. Amazon Fire. For thousands of years the Internet was peaceful. Then everything changed when the Amazon Fire Nation attacked.
#writingprompts #writing

📱⚡ My phone didn't charge last night. The same thing happened earlier this week.
Related: you wouldn't believe how much pocket lint I pulled out of the Lightning port with a dental pick.

Dear body:

Please decide whether or not you're getting sick. It's been three days and I need an answer. And please let the answer be “not sick.”

❤️ Love, Brian.

I guess this year we find the techbro Halloween parties and dress up as Codes of Conduct to scare the shit out of them.

If you put your watch in your pocket before staining wood, expect to be locked out for a while.

Not sure if I should be expecting ninjas or a swat team. Given they're not silent, I guess the latter?

Teabags with butterflies on the end of the strings are more expensive than plain teabags, but give me an incalculable amount of joy to use.

Spent the last several days designing a potions book for a Halloween party.

Oh, you know, just spending my evenings designing & manufacturing labware fixtures, like a normal adult human.

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