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The thing that’s bugged me with Star Trek Discovery? That spinning saucer section? How does that work with the turbolifts? Do people stick to the walls like the Gravitron?

I have no idea who Ariana Grande is, but now I know more about her misspelled tattoo than I ever wanted, or needed, to know.

I feel that Trump is like the accounting software CEO that tells his engineers to reimplement their successful software in Machine Learning because he read spectacular things about it in an in-flight magazine. Except the magazine in this case is Fox and Friends.

I know that some people are amazing performers and some people just phone it in, but this is ridiculous.

I know JFK wasn’t a great movie, but is that any reason to arrest Oliver Stone?

Just a moment.
*hand to earpiece*
I need to make a correction.

I have a vague memory of our happy hour group inventing a new drink last night at the fancy mixology bar. The MAGA: Budweiser Lite and A1 steak sauce, served in a tall glass rimmed with coke, garnished with a McNugget. Cheers!


I don't know if this says something about me or Slack's marketing department, but the more I see the new logo, the less I see the negative-space swastica and the more I see the pinwheel of cock-and-balls.

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