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Alex’s switched from saying “here is your flash briefing” to “here is your news” and it’s juuuuuust close enough that I get the first few bars of E.L.O. stuck in my head.

Reread the ECMAscript spec in my dream and ran across a new section based around super villains. (They tripped over themselves to not say Marvel.) Event callbacks to announce upcoming end of the world, minimum safe distance, telekinesis in use, etc.

Crazywalls — giant cork boards with headshots and newspaper clippings connected by colored yarn — are just analog Visio. Don’t @ me.

My first patent, US 10,244,203 — filed back in 2013 — was officially graned by the USPTO today. Ironically, it's for tech that was obsolete a year or two after filing.

Why does my iPhone Slack icon have a white background but my desktop icon has a black background? I thought they changed to the spinning pinwheel of dongs for the sole purpose of matching UI across platforms.

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