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So. Gender (aka genitalia) reveal parties. If the parents don’t know the gender, but the doctor had to tell the person ordering the smoke bombs/fireworks/cake… isn’t that a HIPAA violation?

It’s as if they’re trying to pass off tapenade as pesto, and I’m 💯 on-board with this falsehood.

This is the bedroom. After taping up windows and running multiple purifiers all day.

I have not even been outside without taped up bike goggles, and yet I feel my eyes are full of sand and I just want to scratch them right out of my head.

I figure I should give a little shoutout to my website+API for seeing how scary-close the US election actually is.

Well, that's a little bit of a different take on booksigning.

Last night's first dream was going to a burnt out big-box office supply store to watch roller derby. The second dream was hosting a dinner party for ghosts who, in one form, were folks in wheelchairs with a variety of disabilities, and another form, old wheeled cannons.

Virgin Mary as a flimsy excuse for morning olives and pickles.

I'm considering a double-feature of Mulan followed by Moulin Rouge. Is this a good idea or the best idea?

My random walk today took me past a headstone at someone’s house, right off the city sidewalk.

Last night's dream: a kickstarter for a smartphone case made of hard-sucker candy. “It's biodegradable!” I picked translucent green.

I’m not really into pot stores, but the whimsical name of this one gives me much delight. It has a vibe that feels very Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

There's not going to be a ton of space left over on the properly after building the second house, so I'm collecting expansion ideas. 😂

(Picture via

I find it funny that the local scrubjays don’t understand shelled peanuts and only want peanuts in the shell, while the local crows are lazy, turning their noses up at whole peanuts, only wanting the shelled variety.

I took a walk today, September 1st, and discovered... this.

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