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I spied an upside-down table through the window of the server room. What does it say about me that my first two thoughts were ① uh, oh. I hope there's not a monster trapped in there and ② someone was extremely upset, but apparently had a very satisfying table flip?

Today I learned: DJ Jazzy Jeff lives in the west hills of Portland. And is a really cool dude.

Red Bull Pac-Man. Eat the can that bounces around the board, and it gives you special zappy powers, kind of like the Pac-Man 256 powerups.

Free to play at Ground Kontrol, modulus advertising in your face.

LATE NIGHT OPTIMISM BREAK: Dems taking the House means we can stop bullshit like the ACA repeal and future tax cuts, and launch a thousand new investigations.

Losing the Senate means we can’t stop confirmations, but you know what? We already couldn’t. We’re still ahead!

Spanish woman blaring smooth jazz from your car at an unreasonable volume at 8am at the stoplight: you be you!

electrical tape is the worst possible of all tapes don't at me send toot

At the rate Hollywood is running out of ideas and instead remaking classics, how long until we get the dark, gritty, dystopian reboot of The Jetsons?


This live webcam on the front of a train in Norway is my new favorite thing on the internet.

Ooh, hey. Today seems like a good day for a give-away! Boost this in the next 24 hours for a chance to win your choice of one of these three shirts.


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