Wild that the name that stuck for the simple machine that helps you pull things was “pulley,” like no one could remember what it was supposed to be called.

@GameDesignerBen also that if you combine a few they become a snatch block; a name I cannot unpack

@jovialthunder @GameDesignerBen But what happened to talkies that made them go back to movies

@GameDesignerBen Now I'm curious about the etymology. What were pulleys called in Greek and Latin? And how did they come to get their name in English? :/

@Angle @GameDesignerBen

late 13c., puli, from Old French polie, pulie "pulley, windlass" (12c.) and directly from Medieval Latin poliva, puliva, which according to Barnhart and Klein is probably from Medieval Greek *polidia, plural of *polidion "little pivot," diminutive of Greek polos "pivot, axis"
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