If we called it “applied statistics” instead of “machine learning” or “artificial intelligence” we’d probably get fewer people asking if the computer is alive.

@GameDesignerBen And thus diminish the prestige of people who make money by pretending computers can magically solve any problem.

@GameDesignerBen this is true, but it feels somewhat like calling graphics "applied arithmetic"

@GameDesignerBen I think this is how AIs actually destroy the world, not by achieving sentience and "deciding" to take over, but by optimizing for responses considered acceptable to the operator with increasingly convincing supporting data.

What do you know, the people with the most money and the biggest computers have the answer!

Society: Lets follow them off a cliff!

Computers: *beep* *boop* *spreadsheet export*

@unlofl @GameDesignerBen if I understood anything from statquest's AI vids, this is basically it: pseudorandom bias confirmation engines.

@GameDesignerBen same wrt "multilayer perceptron" vs "neural network", but all of these ships have wholly sailed

@GameDesignerBen I vote we call it ‘bias-reproducing primitive pattern recognition’. Less catchy, but certainly more accurate.

@GameDesignerBen the capitalists have worked hard to keep people in the dark about how anything works, so now a lot of people don't know how computers work, they just buy the magic internet box and when it gets full, they throw it in the trash and get a new one.

@crashglasshouses I have a computer science degree, but that describes me pretty well now, so I can relate.

@crashglasshouses Just didn’t end up being as important as other complicated stuff. I’m good with it.


Interesting reasoning. Couldn’t this argument be used in a negative way as well though, e.g. “it’s not torture, it’s applied psychology.”?


Oops, posted too soon. Anyways, just curious if it’s a good idea to use more obscured definitions because I can see a myriad where this is unhelpful or outright harmful for effective communication.

@GameDesignerBen I'd be "optimizing" it even further and calling it Applied Statistics/Simulations.

@GameDesignerBen This is true, but it's possible my actions are the end result of "applied statistics" and I'm alive.

@GameDesignerBen @guofu Agreed.

That does imply we can explain how it’s working, and the results can be verified though.

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