Is there a tricked-out version of Ghost that lets you have a blog with all the indieweb stuff without having to do days of setup? I would pay good money for that.

@KevinMarks yeah, I’ve played with it off & on but it doesn’t quite feel right fit what I’d like to do.

@anildash Ghost has rejected indieweb PRs in the past.
What are you wanting to do? More longform?


@anildash Hugo is powerful if you want a mostly static, longform post style blog.

@KevinMarks yeah I liked Hugo a lot but Go was a little over my head so I didn’t feel confident futzing with it. Am biased toward Node these days because Glitch favors it. But maybe I’ll look again.

@anildash @KevinMarks +1 to Hugo. I feel like the early just-wanna-blog ghost users ended up migrating there (or some form of static site generator). I did too recently after having to futz with ghost updates for the umpteenth time 🤷🏻‍♂️

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