hashtags need to be able to be grouped somehow. example: #cat and #cats should be able to exist as a collection.

@wakest what we found at technorati with post tagging is that tag co-occurrence was quite good at implying groups.

@KevinMarks but what if your trying to do the opposite. Bring groups together. Not everyone knows or uses the same tag structure. It seems obvious to people that #GoodCat and #goodcat should link to the same thing but doesn’t seem obvious that #GoodCat and #GoodCats be completely separate.


@wakest it's a weird thing where the spammy people who put every permutation in the tags on their posts are doing a service for the collective ontology.

@KevinMarks I’ve never thought about it like that, sort of a genius answer.

@wakest we had a weird moment with technorati where we delisted a bunch of spam blogs and our "related tag" suggestions got noticeably worse

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