I am told that switching your tumblr to a custom domain will make the Oath interstitial and the image flagging go away. so I made to make this easy. Thing is , I don't have any flagged images on my tumblr, so I can't test this theory

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@KevinMarks my tumblr's always been on a custom domain and some of my content got autoflagged

@fluffy did you avoid the Oath interstitial, or does that only show up in Europe?

@KevinMarks I've spot-checked a few friends' tumblrs which are still on * and I haven't seen anything so I'm guessing it might be EU-only. Or maybe theme-specific. redirects to, if you want to poke at those as a data point.

@KevinMarks but my flagged content is still missing from my tumblr even when accessed via my custom domain

@fluffy the tumblr domain gives me the oath interstitial before redirecting, but the custom domain doesn't

@KevinMarks k, I'm betting it's a GDPR thing, or Tumblr's interpretation of a GDPR thing anyway

I've heard Stories about what development is like at Tumblr (from a friend who used to work there) and honestly they explain A LOT about everything that is the ongoing tire fire

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