Disillusioned from static sites. What's a "traditional" architecture based, hack-able, blog-ready software I can experiment with?

Must be capable of parsing Markdown at a minimum as my content store (markdown files) is not going to change.

Maybe it's too much to ask for, but... 🤷‍♀️

#ssg #noxp

@celia I see you were using Eleventy. What don't you like about it, or static sites in general? I was thinking about using it.

@tallblondeguy Oh it's really nice generally - it's a pretty poor fit for #IndieWeb I think.

I'll either move or boot parts of IndieWeb at some point. ™ Or maybe not. Kind of in a discovery phase right now.

@celia Why is it a poor fit for the indie web?

I'm interested in this topic: I want the security/scalability/simplicity of a static page, but I also would love to be hooked into the fediverse, which is...definitely a competing goal.

@tallblondeguy I'm unhappy with the several-minutes long build times. Granted it's because I have lazy loading, responsive imgs, and other such plugins.

#Indiekit is my #Micropub server, and it doesn't syndicate natively (coming soon).

Webmentions don't show until next build. No moderation. I'm not happy with a static + JS mix here as I want everyone to see the same webmentions!

If you're looking at fedi, I think ActivityPub is what you are interested in, not IndieWeb so much?


@celia @tallblondeguy If build time is the primary problem, have a look at Hugo, which is significantly faster.

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