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@annika Palatino give me 90s nostalgia in a good way

@annika if it's images, may be handy. Also Google's appengine image store is quite useful for caching and scaling with a decent free tier.

@annika what kind of stuff are you hosting ? Is Cloudflare free tier any good? If it's audio/video and it's PD or creative commons, will host and let you hotlink.

@cwebber block blockchain before it blocks you?

@ptolemeaus @Gargron @kaniini @dansup I have a simpler idea for that too - - linking to the text directly, and using webmention to display

@ptolemeaus @Gargron @kaniini @dansup a decentralised medium is a blog. If you want a medium-like editor you can use

@maiyannah I remember it being a bit of a wrangle to get the permalink template set up, but then putting slug: in the front matter worked for custom ones.

@cwebber so you still have to read char by char, constructing a number until you see a ':' then you read that many bytes as a data element? That seems oddly redundant - if you're scanning for delimiters anyway why do you . need the counts?
I've seen offset+tag counted files like IFF (WAV, AIFF, mov etc) when they're binary, and COBS that does it with octets
I'm not sure what the length + colon is providing compared to TSV or JSON

@cwebber I'm a bit confused by the binary encoding in text here - are the lengths actually bytes rather than characters? Or are they 16-bit numbers?
What happens when they get the length wrong as in your example of (5:person( - is the 'n' read as a length?

@baldur my apologies - the article is part of a trend of 'we talk to people who used to work on the web but now sit about and moan about it instead' - not meant to be antagonistic to you.

@baldur the web is doing fine. How about talking to people instead of silos?

@Dustin thats the depressing part - when you import a library in Python it usually is that magical. But the process gives you grey hairs. Whereas in node you can import hundreds of libraries by accident and lots of them do poorly thought through things.

@maiyannah looks like the sprit.png is loading twice and it's 540k each time.

@annika cookies is the old law. GDPR is a lot more thought through

@annika I think the multiple answers are an OK trade-off for the overlapping publics benefit of everything not being too connected. very similar things happen on Twitter because the reply is right there and doesn't show full thread context either.

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This person's question was answered like 12 times because Mastodon only shows replies from the federated timeline. A lot of the replies are from different domains, so people probably replied to a question they thought was unanswered.

This, and the overhead of finding and following folks, are two of my biggest Mastodon pain points. I usually view toots on their home server before engaging, to see all replies.

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I'm finding the new colour scheme too low-contrast for comfortable reading. Which is a problem with fancy colour schemes in general, and why I used to have a "nuke colours" java bookmarklet saved in my browser.