The mirror part is amazing
Kōkichi Sugihara is a Japanese mathematician and artist known for his three-dimensional optical illusions that appear to make marbles roll uphill, make circular pipes look rectangular…he won first place at Best Illusion of the Year Contest in 2010, 2013.

@Gargron lots of uses for it. Discussing with feed readers, posting with, selectively reposting from other places. Great test suite at

@nelson @rabble another way to bridge is using rel=me links back and forth, though twitter is a bit less good at publishing them these days.

The 5 principles of the Local Digital Declaration are pretty decent:

1. redesign services around the people actually using them
2. use modular building blocks and open standards
3. prioritise data safety and security
4. digital leadership (dunno what they mean by this)
5. working in the open

Missing something about personal data ownership of the citizen I think, more about making sure the authority looks after what it holds. But a decent start.

@maloki that's the thing that helps. If they don't fail first, you don't know that you fixed them. It's very freeing to write a lot of edge case tests that you know will fail and clean them up.

@maloki another thing that helps is to write tests for the code that you're about to write, have them fail and then make them pass. It helps you think about the code from the perspective of the caller too.

"Here are the list of emojis considered too similar to the verified checkmark to be permitted in Twitter names or bios:

✔️ Heavy Check Mark
☑️ Ballot Box With Check
✅ White Heavy Check Mark
🔹 Small Blue Diamond
🔷 Large Blue Diamond
🔵 Blue Circle
🔘 Radio Button
🧿 Nazar Amulet
💠 Diamond With a Dot
♾️ Infinity"


So mastodon wants URLs with http in trying out sending webmentions to from mastodon

trying out sending webmentions to from mastodon

@cubicgarden did you . gete to Indiewebcamp Berlin at @mozilla over the weekend?

@fluffy @Xkeeper there was some work on it at indiewebcamp Berlin this weekend, but inevitably you end up needing to build a list of people and their domains, and authing them somehow

ive thought about it a lot more and i just honest to god miss the early fuckin internet when you did shit at your own pace and stuff was largely separated and not connected in one gigantic clusterfuck of a network with fifty different conflicting goals.

i wrote about it a bunch here as usual

@embr is that another new interior design for the Tardis?

@tom79 @Gargron @aral @trwnh try the chrome plugin - does each linked site link to both instances?

@Gargron @aral @trwnh that's great! Looking forward to other instances upgrading and other fediverse codebases adopting rel=me verification too.

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