Merveilles meta I guess 

@liaizon @neauoire @cblgh @amatecha @darius mastoview generates an h-feed, so you could subscribe to a few of them in a social reader like @aaronpk's

@mattl hi there, are you using indieweb sync tools?

A tale of two different hive minds and how they overlay history with new constructions:

@ilovecomputers I want to see the gpt3 version of this where it will just freestyle away in some theme suggested by the original text.

During lockdown, BBC Front Row has had an artist in residence who is thousands of miles away in Iceland. Víkingur Ólafsson plays some wonderful pieces and talks about them too.

Loads of British road maps (from modern OSM to various types of Ordnance Survey maps released under open data licence, all layered and with point and click function to get lat/long and British Grid Reference (something omitted from so many other online maps).

If you are curious about how the road network developed in Britain this is an excellent resource..

‪You know what kills me? It’s been ~13 years since I last saw this video of this person taking a photo of themselves, everyday, for 6 years. Last week he upped it to 20

‪I’m not the only one getting old, so are memes on the internet‬

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