Pretty pleased I managed to have this entire conversation with @lsanger on Twitter using only my own website and tools! Never had to visit Twitter or use any Twitter apps! Our #indieweb tools have come a long way! #ownyourdata

@seldo great think about that office is that you can't see the shard from it

reading: Security Isn't Enough. Silicon Valley Needs 'Abusability' Testing Show more

@djmoch @jalcine is a bit of a hybrid as it stores the mentions itself as well as calling through, but you should be able to make sense of it

@djmoch @jalcine depending on your definition of self host - is on heroku and you could run your own instance; is on appengine and you could run an instance there.

@seldo the generation that actually did all those things is the generation that organised the EU so that it would never happen again.

@Gargron quite a few journalists I know have signed up, but they aren't very active here @mmasnick @sarahjeong @sarahp @leo

@Gargron I'm in London tomorrow (Friday 11th) if you want to meet up. I'm around Kings Cross, but could tube somewhere else to meet

@Gargron well, you're very much invited to Homebrew Website Club London on the 9th, and I should be down for the 12th

@Gargron when are you in London? Would love to meet up

“It’s about doing the one little thing you can do, even if it’s useless: planting seeds in the midst of the apocalypse, spitting on a wildfire, bailing out the ocean with a bucket. Individual action is almost always pointless. Hope and strength comes from our bonds with each other, from the actions we take as a community, holding hands in the dark.”

we spent years doing all these weird tricks to have drop shadows in web pages only to get them built-in yet now have this decade of flat design. smdh.

oh oh reminder!

if you're in the #SanFrancisco / #BayArea area on Wed, January 9th, 2019; then you'll be able to see me talk about the #Fediverse and the #IndieWeb and aim to pull people in at!

Pull up if you can and let me know :)

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