@mattl Temptation, Age of Consent, Elegia, Ceremony, Everything's Gone Green.
The Movement and Power, Corruption and Lies listening parties are good too

@ilovecomputers they do, yes. They upgrade to the minimal day pass that covers your travel as London has zones and time of day passes and weekly passes too tfl.gov.uk/fares/find-fares/tu

@h2g2bob apart from metro mayor and police commissioner, no elections where I am

@Edent are they adding Northern Ireland now as its a separate customs jurisdiction? If so what are they going to use as a flag?

Webmentions :unwanted_thinking: 

@raphael chat.indieweb.org is a good place to ask. I am pretty familiar with them too

“…the IndieWeb is a toolkit. A collection of ideas, technologies, and services that can help you solve some particularly tricky problems. If you're wanting to get involved in the , the first question you need to ask is: what problem do I have?” theadhocracy.co.uk/wrote/one-y

@Blort @urlfreezer broadly, though the protocols can be used between any sites - mastodon has microformats; micro.blog will host a site for you and so on.

@Blort @urlfreezer
the support is conversation, code, ux, picnics every other wednesday events.indieweb.org/ and weekend gathering spaced out a bit more. There is some financial support for attending these, though they are all online at the moment.
indieauth is optional, as are the other building blocks like microformats, webmention and micropub but they combine into adding useful features that interoperate with other sites and tools

@Blort @urlfreezer is the front page at indeiweb.org not helpful?
It is anyone with their own site, and a community trying to support them and make them interoperate better.

Doing a repair for one of my partially sighted customers today, so here's your semi-regular to ask yourself if if your website supports high-contrast mode and do your social media posts and images online have captions? Are your display name and posts screen reader friendly? They're all small straightforward things that can be the difference between being inclusive or exclusive x

@celia @tallblondeguy If build time is the primary problem, have a look at Hugo, which is significantly faster.

@BrianEnigma oh no, apple is going to integrate this with the watch detecting that you're asleep isn't it. Then it switches to the subliminal suggestions.

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