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“Values are built into social software and spread through the networks of people who join. This is why most of these sites are so tech-centric. Because social software is all about the collective, the early values often get reinforced on the entrance page.”

honestly though, mastodon instances are run and moderated by real people who care about the network, to the point of often paying their own money out-of-pocket to run their instances.

the *one* time i've had to report a post, my instance admin messaged me directly to let me know the action taken about it.

don't be shy to report. it works here. the rules aren't there just to keep things advertiser-friendly.

welcome to mastodon. don't be a dick. hug your local mods/admins.

Facebook's community standards on sexual solicitation appear to ban saying "I'm gay": This seems worthy of correction,

I have updated to exclude from the picker, because other servers need some new user love too!

@jalcine @Gargron making account migration actually work (transferring followers and old posts) would help a lot.

Okay so tumblr is banning rotating cubes saying it's porn and facebook banned saying "i'm gay" saying it's sexual solicitation and Twitter always seemed like it could disappear at any moment

I feel like we need to be getting ready for Mass Migration to Mastodon, which means we need to fix anything that keeps Mastodon from being usable, and there is in fact something that keeps Mastodon from being usable, there's one specific thing, it's this:

What were the sites like when you were young?
They went on forever and they, when I, we lived in tumblr
And the sites always had little fluffy clouds
And they moved down, they were long and clear
And there were lots of stars at night
They were beautiful
The most beautiful sites as a matter of fact
The sunsets were purple and red and yellow and on fire
And the clouds would catch the colors everywhere
That's neat, 'cause I used to look at them all the time when I was little
You don't see that

“On Switching from an iPad Pro and a Macbook to a Pixelbook — Fraser Speirs”

“Should people really have to buy two computers from Apple to get the best of both worlds?”

Everything in this post:👍🏻

The fediverse is kept a largely safe and happy place by a fortress wall of medium articles the bemoan the fact that the fediverse is hopeless and will never succeed. That fortress wall was shoddily built for us by techbros and journalists and we must take responsibility for maintaining it. If we don't start repairing the cracking masonry with new medium articles about how mastodon simply can't grow fast enough for real humans to use it then the walls will crumble. Do your part.

lines of code written: 2
lines of code deleted: 120

I call it a success. This is active harm reduction people!

Twitter: did you know you could turn notifications on and never miss anything?
Me: I turned them OFF
Twitter: but you might miss something
Me: that's the idea

I ask this now because in the world of the #fediverse / #indieweb; we get introduced to them through 'gates'; those being or

How do we do help people "discover" information or content? I'm starting to see the viability of algorithms to help prime a feed here especially if someone is coming in very "fresh"

@jalcine @kensanata That's an interesting topic!

I'd like to share a tale of yore. How to find stuff, the OpenNapster edition.

After the napster protocol has been rev-eng'ed there have been several 'opennapster' server/client implementations. Servers could share their state to form networks a bit like IRC...

So you'd subscribe to an account to several of these islands and each providing a space for 10k people sharing *huge* amount of music.

How you discovered content was: ' typing something in the search bar' -> discovering people hosting that file, *browsing* people's collections to see *what else* they have. Getting more files.

Plus: All these servers had a chat, where you either could drop into a channel asking for stuff or chatting, or you could DM the person and ask around.

Also this social component has been lost forever in all following incarnations of file sharing, with bittorrent being the most impersonal thing ever invented.

The moral of the story is: This chat feature did it. The browsing of collections did it. No algorithm would have been able to present me the stuff I don't know about.

That has greatly enhanced my exposure to a variety of things I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

And yes, you need a space to gather. I think that's just how humans work...

Yay, my fork of FeedOnFeeds supports WebSub!

I've also submitted a PR to upstream, so hopefully everyone gets it soon.

Also while testing this I ended up moving to my own hosted hub at and discovered that there are a bunch of other readers out there that support it too!

looks like mastodon does still publish via websub

Anyway WebSub gives you the reliability of pull and the efficiency of push, and unlike ActivityPub you can easily switch hubs with absolutely no disruption to your readers.

Subscribers who are still pointed at my old site’s feeds are still getting updates and receiving WebSub notifications. RSS et al have a *migration path*. ActivityPub doesn’t even have that on its radar.

The following sites seem to give you WebSub support for free:

• (although presumably that's push notifications on top of their own pull, so not REALLY push)
• self-hosted WordPress (with the PuSHpress extension) - bonus for being built-in to the CMS!
• Medium
• FeedPress

And of course you can add it (and Webmention) to any RSS or Atom feed using Pushl. ;)

Porn - 

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