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Good news, !postActiv community!  I've gotten everything together, and is now available for registrations.  It's meant to be a proving ground and watering hole for postActiv, so if you want to check out the latest features (or would just like a more neutral instance), sign up today!

For the record, you can disable boost confirmation dialogs under preferences.

live now on This Week in Google talking mastodon, gnusocial

tech bloggers: mastodon will never go anywhere, federation is confusing and i dont like toots

me: welcome to c y b r e s p a c e be sure to florp someone's ping,

Any UK based indie game devs of colour out there? I'm putting together a mini con on 21st May for an afrofuturist festival and would love to have more indie games represented :)

Feel free to get in touch by email to

Building good communities is more important then enforcing rules

Helping someone understand why rules exist is more important then telling them what the rules are

You don't have to build your communities like you're a company. You can just TALK to people.

DO be explicit about your community norms. DO use your moderation tools to enforce them where necessary. But for the love of god, don't mistake rules lawyering for an actual community.

Last thought before bed:

The fact that you can't easily transfer identity between instances means _you have a stake in your community_. If you get kicked out, that has real cost - you lose your followers.

That means picking an instance requires care and commitment. I want to see how, as this thing grows, instances can develop individual flavor and values. I see this working really well.

The largest harm of the cryptocurrency world, besides people losing money via scams (they're taking crazy bets and I don't have much sympathy), is that they vacuum energy and attention away from "regular" decentralization initiatives that simply want to distribute power away from monolith tech companies into the hands of ordinary developers and people, without also inventing crazy new economies and political systems in the process. You don't need a cryptocurrency to beat Twitter.



A place for the XOXO Festival community. Share your dreams, your struggles, your cat photos, or whatever else strikes your fancy, and see what everyone else is sharing.

This space is just for XOXO members. Never heard of Mastodon? Head over to to learn more and start posting.