I'm coming round to the conclusion that it's not "FB & Bird Site peddle click bait" but more "FB & Bird Site *are* click bait"

Hangin friends watching shorts at the Seattle Asian American Film Festival

Miniature Pinscher is to Pinscher as Pinscher is to Major Pinscher? Maximum Pinscher? Major, Uber, Macro?

Oof, not usu as impressed by Kurzgesagt as I feel others are, but this one was really good:


Lasagna sounds much less appetizing when you call it a tomato pasta casserole

I think the next Olympics should be hosted inside a bunch of Amazon's offices and warehouses. This would be great brand synergy and also would probably bring financial ruin to Amazon.

I want to see a neural networks trained on Samuel Beckett's plays try write a new one.

working on training my face to recognize computers

I am cleaning my house and I shit you not I have no less than 7 microfiber cloths -- glasses bag, vr equipment / startup swag, hologram display insert, laptop insert... when did my life get so weirdly smudgy?


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