Hi! Is anyone else able to use the "Follow All" feature on the Mastodon Bridge? I get an error every time.

@andybaio ... also, I also get the error. I’m happy to send you all these disappointing messages.

@andybaio Yep, it's broken. but if you click through to the users it fins you can follow them in the usual way.

Nope, not for me. I had to manually click through all the accounts. Some of them 404'd. I'm guessing that the bridge app couldn't handle the error.

@andybaio I'm seeing the same issue. Luckily there were only a handful to follow so I carried out the following manually!

@andybaio I just tried to, got an error as well. Only about 22 people too.

@Gargron @wakest I spent a few minutes looking at your Github issues, pull requests, and Discourse forum and had an empathy panic attack.

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