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Andy Baio @andybaio

Also, uh, is this thing working? I don't see any notifications since June 2017.

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@andybaio You are visible in the federated timeline!

@andybaio notifications seem to cache weirdly if you’ve been gone for a while.

@ja2ke Nuts. The completionist/preservationist part of me really hates that.

@andybaio Actually nothing has happened since about November 2016. Your notifications are fine. It's just really quiet here.

@andybaio 👋 I'm not sure how notifications work. They *can* be cleared so it's possible some event reset old notifications?

@annika I’m sure I was getting follower notifications since then... But it’s working now! Very odd!

@andybaio @annika yeah notifications don't seem to be guaranteed to queue if you haven't been logged in for a long time but that's just my personal experience with em

@andybaio We read you like a Scientologist, loud and clear.