@andybaio he's not on mastodon though, right? I'm also enjoying Darius doing bots on RSS, and still hopeful for micro.blog

@andybaio cool. I was just talking to him about slack being a good alt for DMs

@andybaio mine (although more like a straw that broke my Twitter back than a canary?) was Gaby Dunn

@andybaio I keep looping back around to thoughts of choosing to use less convenient/slick services in the name of values we believe in. Cabs > Uber, Domestic > Overseas production, Women- and POC-owned businesses > White male companies, etc. More users will hopefully mean a more robust interface over time. It's weird to see where the tipping points for these things are.

@LuBellWoo Twitter was awkward and boring for like two years, and they had tons of money pumping into it. All things considered, I'd say Mastodon shows a lot of promise!

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