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Andy Baio @andybaio

Hang on, do custom emoji from one Mastodon instance display on other instances?! :xoxo: :yes: :yay: :xoxo_rainbow: :trashfire:

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@andybaio yep. And any you like, we can add here.


Whoa, hold the phone, Mastodon has custom emoji??

And an intuitive interface to summon them too! :xoxo: :blobaww: :yes:

@andybaio emojis show up... But you'd need a screenshot so we could compare!

@andybaio This was gonna be my next "Mastodon for Beginners" post!

Our list is pretty bare compared to some instances. We can upload our own, or browse and import emoji from other instances.

@keithcalder @andybaio this is of crucial importance haha. Time to start setting up emoji.

@andybaio I see everyone else saying yes, but they definitely don't on I wonder if you see ones when I just type the text :xoxo: (just looks like /xoxo/ to me)

@_ Hmm, maybe they’re running an older version of the code? Seems like it works for everyone else! Your toot just shows like this to me, though.

@andybaio All right, maybe I'll use this as the excuse to move over to