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Andy Baio @andybaio

I wrote a tweetstorm over on the ol' birdsite about my early days on Twitter, and my early days on Mastodon, and how this place is giving me hope. I think it'll be interesting to some of you.

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@andybaio Awkward, weird, experimental, and appealing? Perfection!

@andybaio i joined because of this tweet storm. thanks, andy!

@andybaio I just read it, and yes, I agree wholeheartedly. Spot on. I remember sitting on my desk in the Munich Yahoo! office (remember Yahoo!, with that bang and all?) and getting excited about it. Good times, good times.

Had the same feeling yesterday here and that was great.

@andybaio you have a delightful turn of phrase, Andy! Big ups :-)

@andybaio Was a great thread. Lots of talk about Mastodon on the birdsite lately, so here I am! Slightly confused, but willing to give it a try 😀

@andybaio My Twitter first year consisted of a single tweet about eating IIRC a taco in Miami.

@andybaio agreed! Awkwardness is a part of every new platform. It opens up so many opportunity And play is something I see on twitter less and less.

Thanks for writing that!

@andybaio read it as well, and now I’m back here. Let’s see how this goes. Looking for a good macOS client now. :-)

@andybaio what client did your settle on? Currently using tootdon with mastodon theme and it’s... pretty good

@andybaio oops just dig into the thread. It’s good! I wish I could use the camera and crop photos, and that it had auto refresh / streaming but it’s a start

@andybaio You might like my post on #ActivityPub, which is the protocol running under Mastodon that lets it talk to other stuff (like

@andybaio I joined because of your tweet storm. No pressure, but this place better be super rad! :)

@andybaio i dunno if anyone has handed these out, but there are some instance choosers out there:

maybe those would help folks on twitter?

@andybaio what’s the 3rd party client that you’re using?

@andybaio Thanks for sharing. I too find Masto to be a lot like the early days of Twitter. Also, I had totally forgotten there was a time before @replies!