Wow, I like Mastodon's light theme so much better than the default. (Click the gear icon, bottom of the Preferences page!)

@andybaio Makes a big difference! Using the system font on Macs is a nice option as well

@andybaio Me, too. My eyes couldn't cope with the default, so I was relieved to find the option to change the theme.

@andybaio I can’t seem to get this on Amaroq. I changed the preference but the feed stayed dark. What app are you using?

@andybaio I see what you mean, but that is a bit of culture shock as I'm used to dark signifying mastodon rather than slack/twitter/other fediverse

@andybaio This is so much better! Thanks for the tip :)

@andybaio I'm a firm believer in "Dark background, light text" but I prefer the high contrast over the default. It makes the shadow text easier to see. Compare pic 1 (high contrast) with pic 2

@hobostew Light text on a dark background always hurts my eyes. I use light backgrounds everywhere, including editors and the console.

@andybaio Maybe cuz I grew up on Apple 2 machines and it hard wired my brain to think black background is The Way It Should Be

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