All of these are real products you can buy on Amazon, all from different companies using similar kludgy code that doesn't know how to determine the appropriate indefinite article for a name.

@andybaio The computer generated garbage on Amazon is so amazing. I love it possibly more than computers getting into reverse price wars over mundane things.

@andybaio 😂

I love when I'm googling the definition of an unfamiliar word and magically someone on Amazon is selling that word, hashtagged, on a mug

@andybaio It’s an grammar thing. You wouldn’t understand.

@andybaio the lack of 'an' instead of 'a' literally makes me want to scream. That's before we dive into the rest of the issues.

@andybaio this reminds me of a birthday video my brother made for me from various "happy birthday (name)" youtube channels

@dunk there are a million of these on Spotify too

@andybaio somewhat related have you caught any of the hubbub about an increasing number of bots participating in MTurk? At the moment I’m not sure anyone besides social scientists using MTurk for research samples care, but I like the idea that Amazon is becoming a series of gardens for AI.

@tofias I haven’t, but I know bot activity was significantly hurting the quality of results last time I used it, and that was years ago.

@andybaio sad that the t-shirt algorithm doesn’t handle a/an

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