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Andy Baio @andybaio

setting up my mstdn (again)

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@migurski I only moved once! (As far as I know!)

@andybaio Could have sworn I follow you 3x… also, how was setting up your own Mastodon instance, if you did it? Was talking to @Danhon today about doing that. Trying to figure out if it’s as fun and rewarding as a tilde club or as annoying as hosting email for your family.

@danhon @andybaio @migurski docker on linode. I had to learn how to hook up S3, get certbot going, and I had to actually read the nginx config stuff but it was... like medium hard for someone who deploys web stuff like this professionally?

@migurski @Danhon Oh, I'm not running, it was set up by @davidcelis for XOXO peeps.

@waddlesplash I don't think there's a way to change it!