i save all my best content for mastodon

the hamster dance is your chance to do the ham

@ichris It’s a single Wordpress instance. I use two queries to keep them separate.

@noahmittman@mastodon.social you’re welcome!

Finally spent some time making my site look like something I'm not ashamed of. Minimalist, but I'm pretty happy with it. waxy.org/

i wonder if we're the first festival/conference to list their mastodon account on their official homepage 2018.xoxofest.com/

@fraying @br @xoxo We had a feeling that would be an issue this year, so planned for it.

@benward @mathowie Serious question: are there new blogs worth reading anywhere? I can’t remember the last time I found a new blog, period.

@tofias I haven’t, but I know bot activity was significantly hurting the quality of results last time I used it, and that was years ago.

@dunk there are a million of these on Spotify too

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