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Andy Baio

@willsmith One of our attendees set it up on a Digital Ocean droplet, I don’t really know much about it!

@mattgolsen The red baseball jersey or the maroon robot shirt?

@mattgolsen Maybe, once I can generate a solid list of a couple thousand active users posting links regularly...

@hobostew Light text on a dark background always hurts my eyes. I use light backgrounds everywhere, including editors and the console.

Wow, I like Mastodon's light theme so much better than the default. (Click the gear icon, bottom of the Preferences page!)

@matthewbogart Did you wear a helmet? That's been the only thing that prevents me from trying them, I don't carry a helmet around with me.

@darius I saw them at Doug Fir in 2013 and they were amazing. Free show, too!

@Gargron @wakest I spent a few minutes looking at your Github issues, pull requests, and Discourse forum and had an empathy panic attack.

Wow, Three Billboards is a mess. I don’t even know where to start. Overly-long and nonsensical plot, awkward and uneven writing, and endless unnecessary casual racism and bigotry, often as comic relief. Why is a small-town sheriff in Missouri married to an Australian model 20 years younger than him? What’s up with that ending? How are any of these characters and their actions remotely believable? How did this thing get nominated for best picture and screenplay? I’m stumped.

Me: "Ugh, why do I have such a headache?"


Me: "Oh, right. I forgot that I'm a drug addict now and need to do drugs every morning or I feel like garbage." ☕

@boogah Definitely, if more people start using it and posting links!

@roseveleth Getting over that hump is tough. It helps to have tens of millions of VC dollars to burn through.

@roseveleth I still have friends devoted to it. They love the sense of intimacy, and that it forgets over time.