Sympathy to all the folks giving it up in the next couple weeks. I used it for ages and jumped ship all the way to Fastmail when Google announced the Inbox sunset.

"Your wouldn't download a pa—” *holds finger to earpiece*

Hey, if you attended the #Joco cruise, reply to this or post with the #Joco hash tag!

Switching phones is such a damn chore. I probably spent 4-5 hours moving from one modern Samsung to another.

OK can somebody please tell me why is such a turd on all my computers? Like I open the app and it just doesn't show any windows?

🔮retoot this and il tell you how you die

might throw a wrench into my DNS cutover plans. I'm not sure I can use the Docker image to issue DNS challenges to multiple providers, so I'd have to wait until everything is moved to do the cutover.

Mad Love is easily my favorite song off the new album. Here's an acoustic rendition

(More likely, Namecheap is not playing nice with .email domains right now.)

Somebody grabbed, you missed your chance.

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