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Annika Backstrom

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I feel like interview questions tell their own story about a company. "Are you frustrated by constantly shifting requirements?" "How do you deal with aggressive, irrational coworkers?" "Do stressful projects make you lose sleep at night?"

Hot take: we shouldn't put election results on a map. Maps only serve as a distortion, since space != population.

Kind of irritated at my electric company. I made my most recent payment on March 20, submitted new autopay information on March 24, received a bill on March 26, and got a late fee this month. Apparently the bill I received on Mar 26 was generated on Mar 23 before autopay was updated, so the autopay never kicked in for that month's payment. 🙄

When you're shouting to one of your boys from across the way

Nikatine is 9.5 hours into her 12 hour stream, celebrating 3,000 followers on ! Come hang out, watch some Warframe, and enter the giveaway for 250 plat!

Few things are more infuriating than a webapp telling me "oops".

It always felt like “Earth Day” was the wrong holiday. Earth is a hunk of rock hurtling through space, there's literally nothing we can do to change that. “Earth” is gonna be fine. Humans are fucked, though.

TIL you can clear and turn off your browsing history on Amazon.

Every website ever is conspiring to show my partner the anniversary gifts I've bought her.

Nikatine is playing BATTLETECH today! The game comes out on April 24, but drop by for a sneak peek. Watch a trans woman stream a game designed by another trans woman, the future is great!

Dustwallow Marsh is maybe the best zone I've found for leveling in . (Having really not done any of the Cata content.) Relatively small, but *so dense* with quests.

I am usually very much "to each their own" but I *really* dislike the VuhDo configuration screen. Way too many hidden/nested options, jarring visuals, etc. I mourn Grid.

Reddit AMA request: whoever designed these pants in

What do you call it when you can't fix styles on one part of the site without breaking another part of the site? I'm thinking "CSS Jenga".

Heads up to #NYC folks: The subways are seriously borked tonight, presumably because of the storm. After two failed attempts to get home by train, I’m taking a bus.

Steamed Hams but there's a different animator every 13 seconds

RIP Sprint integration for Google Voice. EOL is June 1, 2018.