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I'm going try ignoring boost/fave counts again, after getting back into the habit recently. I've already hid the notification, I just need to avoid going back to a post to "see how it's doing."

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if you manage to follow all my alts I'll stare at you disapprovingly while I ride past your house on my big wheel tricycle

I try to tag all my posts with that hashtag so folks who want to filter it can do so. Apologies if I slip up.

Take a moment and enjoy all the people who replied to this honeypot post which was clearly labeled "do not reply, you will be banned" and then edited their posts to complain about being banned.

Sorry I haven't been around much, there's no to Mastodon bridge.

I should create an alt for cross-posting Switch-uploaded content from Twitter :blobthinkingcool:

animal crossing 

I tried the "Convert" feature of this Animal Crossing designer app but all the QR codes that it exports don't deal well with transparency. I get streaks of colors at the edges.

Am I the only one who sings For The First Time In Forever every time they open the gates in #acnh ?

Hmm, why are amiibo cards on eBay advertised as "never scanned"?


Tom Nook is short for Thomas Nookie send toot

me: "yeah i'm cleaning out the stuff that leaked from the batteries i left in it too long"

dad: "watch out, that's acid"

me: "these are alkaline batteries, so they will have leaked potassium hydroxide, which is a base"

dad: "you officially know more about this than me, have fun"

Animal Crossing status, Day 2 

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