The second shot kicked my butt. I've slept so much in the past 24 hours.

My brand new Glade Plugin doesn't work. Make it make scents.

Shot no. 2 acquired. Bushwhacked my way to the homebound bus stop, thank goodness for denim jeans.

Dublin, this was a truly remarkable location for mass vaccination.

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My second vaccine shot is up in Swords. 20 minutes on the bus and I'm mostly there. Just have to cross this (no crosswalk or light in sight) and walk a bit.

Fermi's Progress continues to entertain. Gotta wait until October for the 4th and final one!

Why on earth would I need Sonos to show a desktop notification when the song changes? I know the song just changed. I can hear it. That's the notification.

Take me down to tautology city where I've been taken down to tautology city

Ranking the rooms of my house from best to worst 

1. Office (has my computer and other fun things)
2. Bedroom (big comfy bed and sink and the window opens)
3. Upstairs bathroom (the shower works)
4. Kids bedroom (it's big)
5. Kitchen (good for making tea; too many dirty dishes)
6. Dining room (awful destroyed linoleum)
7. Front room (junk room for my kids, not fun to be in)
8. Downstairs bathroom (leaky toilet with broken seat, shower is weird)
9. Back room (no power, full of bad furniture)

stealing baby formula so I can find out how babby is formed

"Logon" is derived from the Greek "logos" ("speech") because when people log on they forget how to shut the fuck up

I can't with the gestures on Android. Just give me webOS back you bastards.

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