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if you manage to follow all my alts I'll stare at you disapprovingly while I ride past your house on my big wheel tricycle

Ughh dragging a photo out of iPhoto does some sort of recompression. 2.3M before, 1.7M after.

Game of Thrones S04E02 spoilers 


linguists love ambiguity more than most people

I did pretty well for myself with the BM-16S Macro Pad tonight. The QMK Configurator site got me started, and then I graduated to compiling the keymap myself on macOS so I could set the RGBs.

Currently got 8 hyperkeys set up, then a row of media keys, then some unused. I'm looking forward to playing with it some more!

Also, I'm not sure why the top line is sorta squiggly. The data is consistent on the backend.

I set up a graph to track how many unsorted photos my wife and I have. Can't for the life of me figure out how to get a right Y axis to graph the two lines at their own scale.

We had some s'mores leftovers from vacation and I was having a bit of chocolate, and my wife handed me marshmallow with peanut butter on the top, smooshed on a piece of Hershey chocolate, and... it was the best thing ever? Like every candy bar I've ever had is trying way too hard to taste half that good.

today is the only day you can boost this but only if you also live in purple grid world

so now this Bond guy is targeting our ppl

how do you freedom of speech and 'online harassment isnt really an action' type ppl feel now??

the pi zero w and the pi 4 use different hdmi connectors :/

kind of ironically, the zero w uses the larger one ("mini" hdmi)

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