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I'm going try ignoring boost/fave counts again, after getting back into the habit recently. I've already hid the notification, I just need to avoid going back to a post to "see how it's doing."

what are the chances i'll even be able to find animal crossing amiibo cards in stock anywhere

Oh no, I couldn't possibly go to bed. I'm too tired

Does anyone know if it's actually possible to block Youtube ads with Pi-Hole? I have them blocked client-side on everything but my Switch and it's annoying. And if uBlock can do it surely it should be possible on the DNS level?


This was a hell of a run. Attack on my bow was just tearing everything to pieces. Beat the Elysium champions and faced Hades for the first time on this run.

Gonna head over to the Diplomat to get a new Diplo.

I graphed my progress for learning how to make this kind of graph.

Stanley Rubric is the director by which all other directors are measured.

I'm having so much fun with Hades. The combat and build potential is really starting to click.

How do you build a benchmark product off ”Cinema" and name it "Cinebench" instead of "Cinemark"?

Probably a good time to mention that the next version of Mastodon will finally make account suspensions reversible (with a separate option to delete data when needed). Been working on that for a few weeks (among other things)


COVID-19, CDC director advice 

Controlling the pandemic is always within arm's reach, if only we wanted it.

videos that are "Made for Kids" cannot be saved to a playlist, which is inconvenient as I try and build a list of Swedish-language videos with Swedish subtitles.

So far this has included "Sveriges bästa svensk" (possibly a drama about a Swedish immigrant?) and a German-language video about The Holocaust.

YouTube blames , the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.

I swear my wife saw a 48 minute long (skippable) mid-roll ad on YouTube today. I should have asked her to screenshot.

If you use a simple, text-based format for your data, your future self may be very grateful.

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