@mwlucas I'm testing out the ability to post a photo through the mobile app called Tusky. I'm at a home where there are rats, so I thought you might enjoy this photo. There is a whole tub full of mama rats and their babies under this cage.

How to crosspost :

Twitter -> Mastodon ❌
Mastodon -> Twitter ✅

Leave our timelines alone.

#Mastodon #Twitter #Crosspost #politeness

we've had two people so far who clearly thought the "XOXO" movie on Netflix was a documentary, and they want to party until they drop

I can't believe that incredibly large ant is still around, huh, so much for "the taller ant left"

Love being hoisted haha this is great. Wait a second is this my own fucking petard

Looks like @EmojiTetra doesn't use the 7-bag. We got three L in a row I think.

I love how most of the fediverse seems to be flavor of trans, non-binary, genderqueer, demi-gender, etc.. I wanna see the stats! Tell me who you are!

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I'm starting to think that people skills and communication problems are the greatest barrier to productivity in software development

First video I found for disassembling my Logitech mouse was tagged . :blobthinkingcool:

Adjacent to that, adhesive pads over the screws is a great reminder that they don't want you fixing your own shit.

*slaps roof of Maryland* this bad boy can fit so many crabs in it

affirming my support for modern python by converting the whole Etsy codebase from PHP to Python 3

new Just Cause movie where a dude blows shit up for 90 minutes and just makes a fucking mess and he finally stops and somebody asks him wtf he did that and he looks and the camera and says, "just 'cause"

I'm incredibly happy to finally be able to talk about this wild thing I've been apart of building for 4 years!


macOS notifications are so frustratingly bad. Neither Slack nor the OS let me customize my chat notifications, so it's either get interrupted by every single thing (not gonna happen) or hold people up during deploys because I miss the bot pings (which seems to happen at least every couple weeks).

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