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Annika Backstrom

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I think I lost a Raspbery Pi. Not like a plugged-in, serving requests one, just a random one. It's really hard to be sure, though.

I have worked for Etsy for 2,039 days.

Manager is an anagram for Anagrem.

Close all your tabs.

Don't think about it. Just do it.

cut my day into meetings
these are my business jorts

I got a Roku TV and I have no regrets. It nicely cuts through all the bullcrap about modern smart TVs and just gives me what I want: easy access to Netflix, Amazon, etc., and quick switching to alternate inputs.

The most efficient way to take a screenshot in Windows 10 is to install VNC Server, connect from a Mac, and press Cmd-Shift-4.

I might *finally* set up a Raspberry Pi for permanent server use. Upgraded Ethernet switch means there's room on the network, Caddy means I can easily run a bunch of discrete web services on the same host. I've already moved a Discord bot over from!

"A year later I gave a talk at Facebook. I told Bobbi’s story, which was public at this point. An engineer in the audience screamed out 'It was the chorus director’s fault, not ours.' And that somehow manages to be the scariest part of this whole story." --Mike Monteiro, "Design's Lost Generation"

We're inviting all the gamey people who want to talk about #gameing to our new community -! Game devs, streamers of all kinds, super casual, tabletop, board games - all the gameing.

Check out our Code of Conduct and fill out the form ( or if I or @maloki know you on here, just @ us for a Discord invite. ❤️

If you don't add a meeting description or have an agenda, don't be surprised when people decline your invite.

I've never before placed an order this close to the delivery cutoff. 😱

Me: has all critical computer and network equipment on an uninterruptible power supply

Also me: accidentally turns off extension strip while messing with cables under desk