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Annika Backstrom

So many meetings today 😭 4+ hours

kim jong-un is a millennial send toot

I want to get into federated software development. If you can help support me while I serve you, I would greatly appreciate it.

Making a list of instances run by women. If that's you, @ me with it. So far I know:


I like how the hosts of Wild Kratts have personsonas

never forget queers and furries built mastodon

We're back! Media volume shrunk, and migrated from Mastodon 2.4.2 to 2.4.3.

will go down for maintenance in ~15 minutes. Should be back within 30 minutes.

Scheduling some brief downtime for for Friday morning, 11AM UTC/7AM EDT/4AM PDT. I'll update Mastodon to the latest release, which should take less than 20 minutes., downsample every image to 4 colors

ok seriously though as a domain?

Are unlisted posts visible to signed in users, like on the local timeline, or only visible to people with the direct link?

kelvin??? absolute unit, that one

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is out for ! I hope it translates well to the handheld, we really enjoyed it on the PC

Seems like a good day to blast the Les MisΓ©rables soundtrack.

Can anyone recommend a viable option for learning to code on the iPad? #coding #programming

@paladin1 White Mountain native checking in! Nice to see a local face :)

I'm Lucy! I draw comics about maritime history (I'm a tall ship sailor), feelings (my new book is about Imposter Syndrome), and other good stuff ( I attended XO for the first time in 2015 and spoke in 2016 about definitions of success and financial transparency. I share/teach/write a lot about crowdfunding, travel, and building a sustainable independent practice. I am exceedingly friendly.