"Sort by highest rating" really needs to take the number of reviews into account, or let you filter by review count. I don't give a crap about a 5-star item if it only has one review.

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I have a log file that's followed me around since 2005. When something notable happens, I add a short update to the bottom of the file. I forget about it sometimes but most life events make it in there.

Notes$ cut -b 1-4 <Timeline.txt | uniq -c
22 2005
2 2006
7 2007
1 2008
5 2010
6 2011
20 2012
74 2013
40 2014
40 2015
46 2016
48 2017
37 2018

Take the night off, YouTube. You've earned it.

:blobthinking: drm-free games
:blobthinkingcool: games that require activation
:blobhyperthink: games that require persistent internet connection
:blobhyperthinkfast: streaming games from the cloud

tired: millennials are killing department stores
wired: store is pissed in the malls

what if...i designed an experience *before* building it?

hahahah I just read what I thought was a 4000 word blog post but no, the "article" was compiled from a Twitter thread 111 tweets long.

If I switch from Ana to Zenyatta, it means I don't think you're doing enough damage.

#Bitcoin must die


If Bitcoin were to cease trading tomorrow, 0.5% of the world’s electricity demand would simply disappear. This is roughly equivalent to the output of ten coal-fired power plants, emitting 50 million tonnes of CO2 per year – which would cover one year’s worth of the carbon emission cuts required to limit temperature rises this century to 2C.



#ClimateChange #CryptoCurrency

@brandon @leip4Ier FWIW, I set up wet fingers as an alternate finger print and it seems to work fine now.

Why Did I Do These Things, Saturday Edition:

* Set up a new WordPress blog to track life events like car and medical stuff.
* Made a plugin so the Life Events blog is private.
* Moved a Docker install of Mediawiki from my laptop to a Linode.
* Restricted access to Mediawiki to my VPN.
* Installed VPN software on my Windows 10 PC.
* Created a new client config for that PC, tied to Duo push 2FA.

I can't rename a folder in DigitalOcean Spaces to have a space in the name which is both ironic and fucking impossible to search for.

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