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Have you tried turning it off and never turning it back on again?

Well, let's get a move on. This prophecy isn't going to fulfill itself.

Well, let's get a move on. This prophecy isn't going to fulfill itself.

oh no i remembered The Queen's Gambit: The Board Game

Climate discourse is so discouraging. It's like the fire department asking a homeowner to let them turn on their hoses, while the man's house burns down around him. "But your hoses will knock everything over and get it all wet!"

"When all increases are taken into account, households are looking at paying over €1,300 more for their electricity and over €1,100 more for their gas."

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Bord Gáis, my gas and electric supplier, in April, 2022: "Regrettably, the company is increasing the average electricity bill by 27% and the average gas bill by 39%."

Irish Independent today: "It is raising electricity prices by 34pc from tomorrow. This will add €579 a year to the average annual electricity bill. Gas is going up 39pc, adding €525 a year to the cost of that fuel for households."

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How the fuck does anybody handle the "Knock Brush" Slack alert

tfw you toot about this situation and check the command again and you typed the password wrong, and it's waiting for you to retype

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tfw you check in on a long-running command and sudo is waiting for you to type your password :surprised_pikachu:

It has been zero days since a piece of software has required me to accept the GPL in order to run it

Wikipedia is far from perfect but you can't depend on traditional media outlets if you actually want to learn anything.

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It's staggering the difference in quality between traditional media and .

This article in the Irish Independent is filled with names of things and general sentiments, with no elaboration and zero links or citations.

A related Wikipedia page about the "mini-budget" includes descriptions for most agencies and elements, links to absolutely everything of note, and even attempts to frame the current events against similar events in history.

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