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I'm going try ignoring boost/fave counts again, after getting back into the habit recently. I've already hid the notification, I just need to avoid going back to a post to "see how it's doing."

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if you manage to follow all my alts I'll stare at you disapprovingly while I ride past your house on my big wheel tricycle

i'm curious how many other haitian people there are on mastodon?

Here's the thing... and I say this as a recovering sexist and homophobe.

Just because you're a bigot today doens't mean you have to be one tomorrow. You *can* be better. No one is perfect, but you can learn and grow. It's one the best things about being a human being.

The problem with whiteness isn't racism in and of itself. It's that white people *refuse* to learn and change. They still carry the same attitudes from 4 centuries ago.

We see that at play on the fedi everyday.

I'm lying on the sheepskin rug in the floor because strong wine was too strong. please send me pics of #giraffes

asking for help, $ 

tech gripes, things outside my control 

My Aunt Andria is sister to my mom and my dad, so I love her twice as much!

She's my Double Aunt Andria.

I'm shutting this instance down. Not sure how soon, I'll work it out with the host. Thanks for the good times, and I hope Mastodon is a better place in my absence. Goodbye.

this MLK day, consider actually giving Letter from a Birmingham Jail a read. It's not long, and MLK criminally gets mostly digested through trite soundbites and quotrs. His thoughts deserve to be read and understood in full.

@zedshaw Have you written about why you went with Pleroma instead of Mastodon? (Purely out of curiosity, I'm not making any judgement.)

I'm looking forward to being back home tomorrow. There are precious few days until we're back on the road again.

The parable of The Blind Men and The Elephant isn't great but it's interesting how directly it applies to Mastodon and the wider fediverse given the elephant connection.

We all see our little corner of fedi as determined by our follows and federated timeline, but more often than not, it's never enough to understand the whole system, and no two people see the same network.

I would try Mastodon Crumble, not gonna lie.

Clarified butter in a spray can? Ghee whiz

i think i get to pick a new trans girl subclass at three years of transitioning and i'm thinking of going with romhacker

PSA: Hashtags in the Mastodon "Content Warning" field aren't clickable or searchable. Gotta put them behind the CW (in the body).

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