Wow, my bank's hold message just loops while you're waiting. This is even worse than hold music

Twitter dark pattern 

Twitter is so frustrating when you don't have an account. They stop you at every opportunity in the hopes you will sign up. I have to jump through hoops if I want to support this artist and buy their stuff.

First screenshot: artist promoting their work without a link to their shop

Second screenshot: Twitter modal when you click a profile but you're not logged in. They already showed me a modal when the page loaded!

TIL about this expanded set of "tone indicators" (/s and beyond) for text messaging h/t @andybaio

I've had so much fun zipping around the city on my bike these last 2 days <3

I've been collecting all the sites that offer embeddable players via oEmbed. I've got ~60 so far¹, but it'd be great if every podcast website supported it. (podlink, podnews,, etc).

Additionally, if we all linked directly to the MP3 in the meta[property="og:audio"] tag² or the meta[property="twitter:player:stream"] tag³, then it'd be much easier to build a reverse-lookup from any given web link to RSS.


I don't really care about Spotify Wrap but I'm not surprised to see it's broken yet again in Android. It's all janky and then it crashes the app. Well done, Spotify!

gonna become a literal v-tuber with this 3d potato avatar

rude of y'all to boost extremely hot people into my tl

gonna write a little code today, as a special treat

My kid is doing remote learning today and has already embraced the WFH lifestyle. He's in his bed in a fluffy robe with the curtains drawn, connected to Microsoft Teams.

"What if?" where Hawkeye is with the group instead of at home, and when Thanos says, "You should have gone for the head" Clint shoots him in the head.

:blob_cat_sip_glare: "Following government guidance on face masks children from 3rd Class up are welcome to wear face masks if they feel comfortable doing so."

think i am going to try being On Here again

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