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if you manage to follow all my alts I'll stare at you disapprovingly while I ride past your house on my big wheel tricycle

mastodon is a muppets movie and eugen is the only character played by a human and not by a muppet

#MastoAdmin heads up: (current IP address is scraping the fediverse, *potentially including followers-only posts and DMs*, to make a corpus that can be full-text searched.

For the safety of your users, please block them.

If your instance is on this list, definitely block them; they're using you as a relay to get to the rest of the fediverse:

(h/t @zoe )

booked three more performers for the xoxo video lineup, because I JUST CAN'T STOP

Sorta want to just configure this Pi Zero W to just connect to any open wifi network it can find. :blobpeek:

Oh heck XOXO is so soon! I gotta figure out if I'm doing anything with this Pi Zero + eInk. Maybe something to do with the Mastodon server? I could show the most recent hashtagged toot, number of signups since the festival started, etc.

It's extremely possible I just DDoS'd this site by tooting out that link.

Really need to find some short power cord extensions (preferably low-profile) to work around all the port-blocking plugs I've got.

Ideally it would be a 6-12" NEMA 15-5P (flush/low-profile/angled?) to NEMA 15-5R.

Honestly it's disrespectful for to reopen all my apps on reboot. Don't deny me my fresh start.

What if notifications made noise? Can you even imagine? 😩

How much longer would Queen Elizabeth have to live before people start getting really suspicious

Request for help, Portland 

hi fedi should I stream vote now

Gosh, the Galaxy Note10 S-View Flip Cover is gorgeous. The right edge is clear, letting the always-on display peek through and show time/battery/notifications/etc.

There is always a Steam update but it never gets better

Never, ever, even temporarily, give up copyright of your book. NEVER. Just don't do it.

You can license the rights out to publishers, but don't EVER let go of your copyright.

(Also, that "copyright on editing" bullshit makes me incandescently angry. If a publisher tries to pull that shit, they're predatory. Run.)

"This tutorial is meant to be understandable to all new users, so if you found something unclear, don't sit and blame yourself - complain!"

I've always liked that line

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