DeadAChek is ! It's not her first playthrough, but a continuation of the run she started yesterday. Come on by if you like chill, wholesome vibes

DeadAChek is ! It's not her first playthrough, but a continuation of the run she started yesterday. Come on by if you like chill, wholesome vibes

I finally figured out why forgets my auth when I connect to VPN: my hostname changes, and the default behavior creates hostname-specific pidfiles.

Adding a `--host` arg fixed me up real good.

Good morning, Fedi. Hope you are fulfilled and loved this day.

My neighbor Kathe runs a rescue and could use some help buying hay. If any of y'all have a few dollars to spare, I'm sure she would appreciate it greatly.

I'm always reluctant to post heavily filtered (think Snapchat) pics to predominantly trans spaces. I think it can create an environment where we don't feel comfortable sharing our real selves. You're valid without the perfectly smooth skin, impossibly long lashes, huge eyes, thin face.

It's not bad to have those things, but you can be your real self, too.

Kinda want to blog about my how/why of cash tracking with . Is that interesting to like, anybody?

Every time my middle kid comes into my office, he picks away a piece of the faux leather on the seat or arm of my desk chair. :blob_pensive:

When it comes to setting the bar, "don't judge people unless they're personally running a sweat shop" is about as low as you can go.

My cron job for deleting old media wasn't running because the crontab $PATH didn't include the rbenv directory. Disk full alerts fired this morning when the disk hit 90% utilization. I've fixed the crontab and this cleaup should now run daily.

Two hours of snow clearing in central this morning. Two cars brushed, and loads of paths snowblown.


hi, i am basically one of the two main people responsible for designing how federation works in Pleroma, and would like to set the record straight on this.

Pleroma and Mastodon have the exact same behavior when it comes to absolute defederation: messages from inbound users are blocked, and (optionally in Pleroma) following relationships directed toward the instance you are defederating are severed.

Pleroma and Mastodon also have the exact same behavior when it comes to processing messages: when a new message comes in, they reconstruct the thread, which involves fetching objects all the way to the root of the thread.

this means that Pleroma will fetch objects from instances which have defederated with it, and Mastodon will do the same. this is possible because the object fetches are unauthenticated: your instance cannot perform access control because it doesn't know who is fetching the object.

so, the proper fix is to specify a method for instances to authenticate while fetching objects, which will allow for access control to be performed. it also is useful for GDPR compliance in general, because it allows end users to know precisely where copies of their data are stored throughout the fediverse.

contrary to what some say, we actually care a lot about fixing leaks like this one in activitypub. it has been a top priority for our security team, and we have been spending months hunting for and plugging leaks throughout the entire ecosystem.

if you have any questions about this or other AP leaks, feel free to reach out, but we definitely want to plug all leaks, and we have definitely been working to plug all leaks.

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