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I'm going try ignoring boost/fave counts again, after getting back into the habit recently. I've already hid the notification, I just need to avoid going back to a post to "see how it's doing."

y'all know any library, archival, or digital humanities related podcasts? >_> Preferably BIPOC

me: *dies at age 69*
my wife, wiping away tears: nice

Can't wait to put on my robe, sit down with a cup of hot coffee, and read a bunch of screenshots of text.

warcraft, torghast 

I did Layer 1 of Twisting Corridors for the quest. It took so fucking long. Like 2+ hours for the first of 8 layers.

I want the mount from layer 8 but OMG.

Sure am glad everything happens in a vacuum. Would be a real shame if everything needed context.

buying a descrambler for mastodon so I can read all your posts for free

can you name a first-person shooter game (not third-person shooter) with a fishing mechanic?

It is super hard to understand the used graphics card market right now. Are used RTX 2070 really selling for $600? :blob_dizzy_face:

computer talk 

USPS took a minute but my laptop is all sorted out now. AMD Ryzen 7 4800H (8-core 2.9GHz), 32GB RAM, 256GB NVMe + 1TB NVMe, and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060.

Now to sell off the parts in the old tower!

<IT nerd doing protoss voice> upgrade complete

i just wanna shitpost with the console cowboys in

@annika writing a macro that makes this button launch Quadrilateral Cowboy

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