Duolingo is holding me hostage with its streaks, which is great because the only way I'll learn is if I'm guilt-tripped by a cartoon owl.

What's the difference between muting and blocking anyways

If your election slogan is some variation of a "20/20 vision" pun you automatically lose the election

I'm curious what people's favorite space photos are.

I can't choose individual ones, but the Juno probe got some beautiful pictures of Jupiter. I especially love the poles and detailed photos of the weather patterns.

I don't even use the Slack notification sound, and it still gives me anxiety to hear it on someone's computer during meetings.

Cool movie trivia: Tom Hardy put on an accent and adjusted his pitch for the character of Eddie Brock, but Venom is just Hardy's normal speaking voice.

I often wonder how history would be different if Microsoft hadn't bought Bungie right before Halo was released. Would Macs would be the dominant gaming PC. Would Halo's popularity would have been stunted? Would xbox have been as successful?

me: dark chocolate is so good, a tiny bite is really satisfying
also me: *eats an entire huge bar*

thanks to whoever defined plethora for me

it means a lot

Re: New Hampshire law, killing dogs Show more

New Hampshire law, killing dogs Show more

I'm changing instance. Any solution to import my toots on the new instance?

A bunch of my friends are voting for Mike Robial for city commissioner but I'm anti-Mike Robial.

who are your favorite open and out Queer Trans people of color on mastodon? That's the kind of #ff I want to see today. #qtpoc

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