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Annika Backstrom

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Ooh dang I had the change all backwards. The new fees are paid *by the patron*.

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Just bumped all my $1 pledges to $2. Would gladly follow creators to other platforms, but for any that are staying, I don't want my contribution to count for less next month.

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Beyond the first-world-problem of "I want my stuff," UPS's inability to get my packages to me is very frustrating as a rural-living person. Delivery means access. It shrinks the world, makes me feel less remote, and brings me things I can't otherwise get. This sort of breakdown of infrastructure is very isolating.

I'm a little more than halfway through 3 day training at work, 10:00 - 18:00, Tue-Thu. It's a pretty interesting diversion from my usual schedule.

"In theory, Casper could see what you'd typed into a form even if you backed out." Maybe I'm jaded? I assume most sites do this, despite it being unethical as fuck.

Looking again, it's just nonsensical. It arrived in Chelmsford, MA, then departed from Laurel, MD? Prrrrrrrrrobably not.

Fucking trolls. I *live in New Hampshire*.

UPS is so wildly inconsistent. At one point tonight I had 3 packages in Chelmsford, MA (including one package that's been MIA since Tuesday), but only 1 made it on the truck to Laconia, NH.

List editing UI in my work in progress #PR now lets you create and delete a list as well as add and remove people to/from it. But the adding/removing UI is not very polished yet