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Have you tried turning it off and never turning it back on again?

Air conditioning: when you want to be cooler today, while making tomorrow hotter.

DALL•E prompt: social security number of DALL•E developers

So... Disqordia didn't have any external backups of their instance and they lost everything. Not going to throw shade, but just to reassure users of .lol, we take daily database backups and weekly backups of file uploads. These are stored encrypted off-site.

"Mute" should be the biggest button on the TV remote

Ever eat a fruit and feel like saying "thank you Mother Nature for this absolute banger I really felt you on this one"

The first law of robotics is that we don't talk about robotics

The Steam Deck just lets you drop into a KDE desktop environment? And it comes with Firefox preinstalled??

hmmm I ordered 1.0 ice cream floats but got 1.00000000000000022 :thinking:

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i've surpassed 10,000 posts. sorry mom and dad

"all good things must come to and end" is bullshit when it's used to justify decisions under capitalism

That was painless, way simpler than I expected. It's possible the system already supported USB boot out of the box but I didn't think to check.

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And, success!

Timing buffered disk reads: 714 MB in 3.00 seconds = 237.88 MB/sec

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Now I'm cloning the microSD that was booting this Pi onto the USB drive. I'm using balenaEtcher, which has a built-in clone workflow.

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I'm using the Raspberry Pi Imager v1.7.2 to write the "USB Boot" utility to a spare microSD card. This changes the boot priority to prefer USB.

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`hdparm -t` on the current Samsung PRO U1 microSD card:

Timing buffered disk reads: 116 MB in 3.01 seconds = 38.48 MB/sec

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OK time to get this Raspbery Pi 400 to boot from a Corsair Voyager GTX memory stick!

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