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Twitter: I can't believe this website is free!
Mastodon: I can't believe I'm free of that website!

Yay! #Mastodon 2.0 is finally here! 🐘🎆

Read all about the custom emojis, new changes and much more at:

How long has Newsblur supported folders-within-folders? 😲

A nice thing: it was pretty easy to switch my blog deploy script to use dsh rather than a for loop, so now my deploys happen in parallel.

The sun goes down. The sky gets dark. A porch light turns on, at that house on the corner that's sat empty for years.

1. The last American Civil War veteran died in 1956.
2. Women are born with all the eggs they'll ever have.
3. If your mother was born before 1956, the genetic material that created you existed at the same time as a living member of the American Civil War.

Need to customize tmux settings like status bar color on a per-server basis, while sharing dotfiles? tmux has some pretty cool commands like if-shell and run-shell, but you can also use `source -q` to source a file and not error if the file is missing:

$ echo "set -g status-bg red" > ~/.tmux.colors
$ echo "source-file -q ~/.tmux.colors" >> ~/.tmux.conf

from facebook, the realness

"How many trans people does it take to change a lightbulb?

Just one. But you have to sit in the dark for a year to prove it's really out, endure constant questioning from parents and friends asking if you couldn't just get used to the dark, because it's so much easier, and you need two letters from electricians (at least one of whom must hold a PhD) confirming that you know the risks of changing a lightbulb."

There's a special place in hell for people who miscategorize product listing categories to game the system.

Babun is more stale than I realized. No updates since May 2016. I wonder if there's a newer fork, or a similar project that's being maintained.

Oh my god, have I actually done this thing? Did I really move to a new server??

Thank u Ansible, Resilio Sync, Git(olite), and the fuckton of scripts I wrote over the past 9 years.

Oh my god I can't believe Namecheap finally added non-SMS 2FA (via Authy)

… but I get Error 500 trying to login to their app. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My 6 year old just dissed my 9 year old by saying he shared a common ancestor with Trump.