bo burnham really does sound just like weird al though

8 years ago: fun socks are fun
5 years ago: matching socks is bullshit, I'm standardising on boring socks
2 years ago: boring socks are bullshit, I want fun socks

- my character arc, as described by socks

i think my first day at fastly went great! now to take a big sip of coffee and check my work email

Morty, I added myself to Fortnite, I'm a Fortnite character Morty

The courier who stopped by yesterday was super cute. She told me I have a very "strong" voice 😅

I sent this out for "repair" last week, they're sending it back today without having contacted me (except to ask via a message if they could reset/reformat). I have 0% confidence they've fixed the problem.

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Amazon, NewEgg, and every other retailer invite others into their marketplace at their own peril.

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Seller on NewEgg that's been harassing me to change a review (via email and 2 phone numbers) has escalated to spoofing a message from me, falsely indicating that I've given them permission to update the negative feedback I left for them.

I wasn't sure Fermi's Progress: Descartesmageddon was gonna be my jam, but boy did it have my full attention by the end. Can't wait for the next installment.

it's got cherry reds so it don't actually click all that much

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