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if you manage to follow all my alts I'll stare at you disapprovingly while I ride past your house on my big wheel tricycle

If I host a web page on my localhost, turn on my WiFi Hotspot, and connect my phone to it, will I be able to access the page?

Well, that's what I'm trying to do, but I've messed something up somewhere.


On a hot afternoon visiting in Coleman, Texas, the family is comfortably playing dominoes on a porch, until the father-in-law suggests that they take a trip to Abilene for dinner.

The wife says, "Sounds like a great idea." The husband, despite having reservations because the drive is long and hot, thinks that his preferences must be out-of-step with the group and says, "Sounds good to me. I just hope your mother wants to go." The mother-in-law then says, "Of course I want to go.

lol ebay sellers are already listing warcraft 15th anniversary blades from the charity sale, because of course they are. $1,500 and up

fml, how quickly did the server blade presale run out of stock?

hey they just pushed an update that fixed this

Who else on the fediverse does cuddly toys beyond @Hiraelle

Boost super OK

tech gripe, twitch, ads/tracking 

I am a:
βšͺ Man
βšͺ Woman
πŸ”˜ Man of constant sorrow
And I:
βšͺ Am seeking men
βšͺ Am seeking women
πŸ”˜ 've seen trouble all my days

If I get to do XOXO again, I really need to write down everything that happens. My brain is so full at the end of 4 days.

Oooh Overwatch for the Nintendo Switch. Can't wait to *checks webbed site* "engage the opposing team with the analog control sticks."

Whee... feel like I haven't been on here in forever. What are the good Android apps for masto these days?

danah boyd: "Accountability without transformation is simply spectacle... [Change] requires everyone to hold each other accountable, but also to aim for reconciliation not simply retribution."

(Link CW: mention of abuse)

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