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@annika funny how that site, tho lean, does have tracking scripts

@Efi Yeah... I struggled with this on my own site (like, I want to know which pages are getting hits) but I eventually gave up trying to find an ethical analytics engine (and didn't want to roll my own). Matomo looks alright though?

@annika oh, no, the analytics script is piwik, which is self-hosted open source and great
I was talking about the "ad" service that is there, but doesn't display any ads... so it's just tracking cookies

@Efi @annika piwik is something I've blocked everywhere, ty ublock origin.
@Efi @annika well tbh the only place I know that uses it is sankaku

@annika Ironically I'd consider Heer's own page to have a bit of web bullshit, albeit minor: squeezing all the text into one little column so I have to scroll unnecessarily.

The first pic shows what it looks like with stylesheets turned on. The second with stylesheets off. Note that in the latter the text uses the full width of my screen, which is not what he intended in the stylesheet version.

@ND3JR That's cool if that's your preference, but most people find shorter lines more comfortable to read

@annika I think it's a stretch to say "most people" when none of the sources in that article you linked to actually cite any studies done and just go with what seem to be conventions rather than actual research saying this.