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Annika Backstrom @annika

Finding new folks is probably the hardest part of Mastodon, given the weakness of Mastodon search (hashtags only, only shows toots "seen" by the server). Watching the Federated feed (the globe) can help, especially when new folks get boosted (like Twitter retweets) into the feeds.

I'll occasionally view someone's profile on their home server and browse their follows/followers, and find people I'm not otherwise connected to. This also helps grow the Federated feed.

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@annika yeah especially in the beginning when hosting your own server couldn’t see anyone 😅

@paul I've been the only active user on for ages! It really makes discovery hard, the onus is on you to seek out folks on the network, sometimes through creating alt accounts

@annika my instance is now connected to over 600 others so I definitely started to feel a lot less isolated :)

@annika That's one of the points where it really is interesting to see what users want and need. Personally, I never really had issues finding new folks on mastodon, but some friends of mine which I tried to get permanently off Facebook were turned away after seeing they didn't manage to find some known contacts they actually want to communicate with or to read from. 😐

@annika Hi there, I am also new and agree it's quite awkward to find new people. I clicked the feed but everything was a little too fast for me :)

@hastymerge Yeah it's kinda a firehose 😬 Hashtag searches can help sometimes but it's hard until you get your own feed settled

I also like the ability to go to (many) instance's About pages and look at the local timeline. That can be a good middle ground between my own local/home timelines (too hard to find new people) and the fed timeline (too overwhelming/too hard to find people I want to follow).

@codesections @annika I find the service at useful for viewing other instances' local timelines, though it only goes back a short way.

@annika I am rather new around here, and at least with tusky, I can't see a person's followers from distant instances (not sure if there are exceptions), which I think sucks big time for global connectivity. Is this a problem with tusky? At least their web presentation seems to list them all, but then remote following becomes a hassle. How do I jump profiles more efficiently?

@joli On their profile, you can expand the top-right menu to view the profile in your browser. That profile will load on their home instance, and will be up to date with all their follows/followers. You can also follow remotely from there.

It's less convenient than following in the app, but it'll do the trick.

@annika Thx! I don't get why this needs to be more complicated than needed. Is there a good reason for this? Something non trivial I am missing?

@annika Remote following requires me to enter my credentials which is actually a show stopper :/

@annika Oh no, I mean not because security or something, I just mind handling my credentials to follow someone altogether, WHILE logged in on the app. Just not very encouraging. Choosing your home instance shouldn't be locking you in convenience wise IMO.

You can follow some informational stuff like
@earthquake @500px (inoffiziell) @NASA - image of the day

These are on my non #Mastodon server. Also I think there is some relay function coming, I guess that will work similar like the #Diaspora relays we have over here on Diaspora and #Friendica.
But also I agree, it is hard to find people to follow to have a nice and active stream. I follow about 600 people, but often there is not much to ready and the stream repeats somehow because of may reshares.

@annika does the mastodon globe try to show you the side of the earth corresponding to where you are (by IP Geolocation)? I noticed that facebook's globe icon did this when I accessed it from other countries, and I can't decide if I like or dislike it

@annika I follow a bit over one tenth the number of ppl you follow and I have a hard time keeping up with their output every day. I'm sure I often miss stuff even.
I rarely follow new ppl, even though there are so many interesting ppl around, because I can't respect them properly, because of time constraints.
I'm flabbergasted that you'd want more than the 500 or so you already follow.
I just don't understand.
I didn't use twit or fb and it's a blindspot I have in trying to grok this problem.

@gemlog Many of the accounts I follow are dead and no longer post. I also mute and use lists so that I can more tightly control my timeline. And I don't care if I miss stuff.

@annika thanks, it's that last bit I guess: i care if i miss stuff! I like to follow ppl's stories of their lives and the projects they are doing.

@gemlog Lists are great for this! I love to have a small list of folks I'm close to

@annika I guess those 60 folk I follow are my 'list'. I wouldn't say we're all exactly close and some ppl hardly post. However, I do sometimes interact with them out of band in email or irc (or whatever is calling 'com' mode). I may even reinstall gnu ring if there's interest.


amen to everthing except the neologism #hash"tag.

@annika it's the down side of having a system with no single place of truth. I feel like the upsides out weight this though.

@annika does anyone know if there is other instance that has better search feature?

This is the main reason that keeps me from leaving twitter, it's impossible to find people that share the same interests.

@annika Roligt se ett svenskt ansikte här ! En överraskning !