I'd like the backstory on this one, if you can recall it. I mean, beside the obvious right thing to not do. What was the point of the talk?

@wion The gist of this part is that social media amplifies mistakes and the Internet has a long memory. People evolve, but we're all held to the shitty opinions we grew beyond years ago, since those tweets live on.


I see. Was there also commentary about tweet deletion methods, account deletion, etc, in the bigger scope of reputation management and footprint reduction?

A lot of people rightfully warning about not doing A, (e.g. excessive use of socmed) but they don't go the distance and also say how to mitigate the remaining B (i.e. the damage already done).


Sorry for the probing questions out of context. I'm still in the middle of a major refactoring of my own online existence, dealing with these very situations of footprint reduction, data deletions, etc, so I'm just curious.

@wion No worries! The larger context for the talk (and I feel like I'm forgetting something) was about publicly transitioning as a YouTube personality, how that harassment affected her, how her online persona (ContraPoints) helped her to not take criticism personally, and some other things. Not so much the specifics of handling or minimizing/preventing online harassment. (Again, I think I'm forgetting one of the bigger themes.)

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