Is there a "right" way to decommission a Mastodon or Pleroma server? Should I return 410 Gone for every request?

Do you plan on doing anything else with the domain it was installed on? At Friendica we don’t make a difference between error code, we just retry at increasing interval until we completely drop the remote server from polling.

@annika I'd say send a Delete for every object (accounts preferably) before and then 410 yeah

@annika That's a good question tbh, like it just seems servers will keep attempting to connect to dead instances until the admin of the live instance suspends it. There really should be a way to tell the live servers "don't attempt again until xyz happens"

@kaylee @annika ugh yes please :( the number of times I've noticed updates coming in slow here and checked sidekiq and it's fifteen, twenty pages of scheduled retried for dead instances...!

@kaylee @annika At the moment, sending a mass block of anyone following anyone on the instance to end the remote subscriptions, then returning appropriate codes (like 410) for all future requests is probably the best route.

@annika if you want to delete all the content yeah.

to keep my old pleroma server up as an archive, I changed the MRF Policy to DropPolicy, and set registrations and federating to false.

Give users the opportunity to download their timelines and data?

@dheadshot Ah sorry, this is just a private instance. That's a great point but it doesn't apply in this situation, I just have a dead server I'd like to clean up after.

@annika The whole wide web world is filled with 404s, broken links, dead servers and expired DNS names.

I think the problem extends way beyond just Mastodon instances, and there's probably no _right_ way to deal with it.

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