Alright, preordered Smash Bros, it's downloading now. I'll have wait until tomorrow to get Katamari REROLL.

I couldn't afford an N64 when Smash Bros. came out and I have zero nostalgia for the game. This is purely one of those "wanting your kids to have what you didn't have" moments.

@annika this is my reasoning behind getting my 3DS. I really wanted a DS in high school (and a PS2 for Kingdom Hearts lol), but we didn’t have money for consoles.

Now, however: I will buy everything. EVERYTHING.

@mooncalf When I first started getting paychecks after college, I bought a bunch of old Game Boys 😅 Maybe not the *best* use of funds

@annika I think that’s cool though! Mainly because when I see old Gameboys I try to think of good reasons to buy them :P

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