The media partition is full. I'll take the server down momentarily to fix this.


Alright, resolved with no downtime.

I didn't realize that the upgrade to Mastodon 2.6.0 *removed* the old rake tasks when tootctl was added. So, we weren't cleaning remote images. This caused the disk to fill up at 2018-12-19 15:10 UTC. I had mistakenly set up an alert for "Utilization" rather than "Disk Capacity", so Server Monitor never warned me about this.

Remediation items:

* Add correct alerts (done)
* Update cron job to use tootctl (done)
* Ensure cron failures email me

My cron job for deleting old media wasn't running because the crontab $PATH didn't include the rbenv directory. Disk full alerts fired this morning when the disk hit 90% utilization. I've fixed the crontab and this cleaup should now run daily.

@annika whoa, thanks, turns out I had the same issue on my instance, the disk was filling up due to the cronjob failing…
it just cleaned up about 20GB of old media

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