New keyboard is good but my brain wants to use Linux/Windows keymappings on a 60% keyboard even though I'm on a Mac. I keep hitting Ctrl-W (capslock remap) instead of Cmd-W.

@annika is it a mechanical one? What kinda keyboard? keyboards are cool


@cute My Poker 3 came in yesterday! Very much getting used to it still. My HHKB muscle memory is still there after a decade somehow, I keep hitting the wrong keys for up-arrow.

@annika oh wow nice! the poker looks super cool, what kind of switches did you get?

@cute I got the Browns, which seem great. I'm looking forward to trying the Blues soon. Do you have a favorite?

@annika Yes! clears are my favorite rn but i used to stick with browns. Blues are nice, but I like to game so I don't use them and idk i don't nee them to be that loud. Clears are nice imo because they're still "loud" without being loud. Browns are nice but my fingers are too stronk now for them so I always bottom out with them but with clears I don't bottom out as much because i'm used tothem now.

@cute Ooh I could totally see switching to Clears (I still have to look most of these up every time 😅)

@annika that’s cool! It doesn’t take long to keep up. I haven’t tried other brands of switches or linear switches yet personally but omg clears are my dream switch rn. Mechanical keyboards are so great

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