@jalcine @annika I'm a fan of weather.gov.

It isn't as pretty as the others but they have no motivation to scare folks into checking back. Just the facts.

@ted @annika that's legit good enough for me. I promote darksky because of the plain English text on the weather it gives - that's all I need!

@jalcine Looks like it is! Neither here nor there but I feel like my Android weather app used to say "Powered by Darksky" but I just opened it up and it says "Powered by MyRadar" ...?

I'll try to remember the Darksky site next time though

@annika What happens after 30 days? They...slow the site again?

@imani You are launched into space, obviating the need for a weather report.

@imani Temperature: 3 K. Extremely low chance of meteors.

@annika “Whitelist us and we’ll give you a 30-day trial of an ad-free premium version. Just enter your CC details for safekeeping and remember to cancel by 9AM the day before the trial ends.”

But only for 30 days? Do you have to turn your ad blocker back on and off again to maintain "fast speeds"?

@annika they can throttle websites based on using an ad-blocker? WHAT?

@boxian @annika Hey wasn't there a conspiracy where Trump or his administration wanted to privatize the weather system.

All those weather websites basically just reprint the data from NOAA and it would be scary if it weren't a public good.

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