My site was already pretty barebones, but I scaled it back some more today. I got rid of some images, put more stuff in the footer, etc. (Old is on the left, new is on the right.)

Ugh I screwed up the image descriptions. Old site used a serif foot, new is sans-serif.

@annika i don't think i knew any of the info on your homepage except that you lived in the states, lol

I like the new design a lot - though I gotta say the old one was a good implementation of that look, too!

Like, they're both good versions of their relative aesthetics, but I prefer the latter.

I also play warframe on pc sometimes!

@annika oh hey you use pelican! cool!

I don't, but I always liked it as a static site generator and felt people had a bad taste about it because it was in python, that it doesn't really deserve.

@emsenn Thank you for the feedback on the design! I need to do more thinking on what each page needs to be, but I'm well positioned for that now.

I really like Python and I'm passable with it, so Pelican is a pretty good fit for me. If I was more into Go I'd probably use Hugo. Somehow I never go into Ruby so I skipped over Jekyll et al.

Pelican hasn't had a lot of releases recently, which could be good or bad depending on your perspective. It's stable and meets my needs for now.

@annika I use Hugo even though I'm not into Go; the ignorance caused some early stumbling because I assumed wrong things about the syntax, but I really enjoy Hugo - most particularly, because of its ability to output multiple publishing formats, not just HTML.

I'd encourage looking at it if you grow past Pelican, regardless of your knowledge of Go, is my point.

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