unsolved problems in computer science:
how to not see posts containing a particular word
setting filters on fedi feels like that scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the king or whoever keeps trying to give instructions to his guards and they continuously find yet another way to fuck them up
"so we need you to hide posts containing the word 'lewd'"
"right. Only show them if they contain the word 'lewd'"
"No. hide them if they do, show them if they do not."
"okay, hide the posts if they contain the word 'lewd', also hide them if they do not."
"No! only hide them if they contain the word!"
"ohh okay, hide all posts..."
"go on..."
"where the word 'lewd'...."
"is contained in the poster's display name"

"hide all posts with lewd"
sure, but that doesn't include lewdness, #lewd, Lewd, lewddd, lewd with a zero width space after it,


@lynnesbian @diodelass

fedi: twitter
me: hide "twitter"
fedi: birdsite
me: hide "birdsite"
fedi: birbsite
me: hide "birbsite"
fedi: hellbird
me: 🤦

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