The vulnerability timeline took from from "everybody raves about this and I wish my company used it" to "I wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole" in about 5 seconds.

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@annika side note, I'm exhausted of having to use like five different video conferencing apps to work professionally with people in other companies.

If there was a vulnerability like that in Zoom, what problems lie in the other ones? 🤔

@sean @annika How do all of the others compare with Jitsi Meet? Seems like that's the only one with code that can be audited, but individual app-screen-sharing doesn't work so well.

@annika that's the solution our largest state school uses. I wonder what they pay per year...

@annika Yeeeah. I deliberately spun up a NextCloud instance instead for testing a while back, and now there's a big point in its favour vs. Zoom.

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