am i tripping or does this oven have a single preset and it's for chicken nuggets

@annika *Kenny Loggins voice*

Welcome to the keep warm zone, tun tun tuntun!

@annika @brainblasted 😂 I'm dying!

Why is "chicken" is such a smaller font than "nuggets"??? What is going on with this appliance?



Chicken Nuggets are the world's largest cultivated crop.

Little known to the public are the vast terraces of chicken paddies in remote mountain areas and tropical lowlands across the globe where chicken nuggets are cultivated.

Most people do not know that chicken nuggets are used to create the Chickens and eggs consumed across North America and Europe.

@EvaSkeeva @annika Hahahahahahahahaha now I'm having difficulties keeping my shit together hahaha

@annika this oven is a shitpost made manifest. Someone, somewhere, had to put their foot down to stop the button from just saying “temndies”

@annika We have that oven! Nobody has tried that button yet. We're afraid of it.

@annika It's almost a poem:

chicken nuggets
self clean
convect convert

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