Blogged: XOXO 2019

"We're not built to do big things alone. We're built to do things together." —Amelia and Emily Nagoski, 2019

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@annika that Moana recap was brilliant, it was such a treat to see this live.

@neauoire "They have stolen the heart from inside youuuuu" 😭

@neauoire Your talk didn't fit into this specific write up but I wanted you to know, it was one of my most favorite talks this year and very thought-provoking.

We don't give enough attention to the way we consume and the tools we use, and both of those things *are* going to change drastically and rapidly, whether we want them to or not.

Thank you for re-greasing those gears in my brain, I have a lot to think about.

@annika awh! thank you so much for saying so :) I'm glad it had that effect! Ask me anything if you ever have followup questions or anything ✊

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