@annika These are getting kinda cheap too.

Part of me wants one.

@annika well who wouldn't want a smaller phone to go with their big phone and the mini phone on their wrist

@troubleMoney probably gonna get this as a standalone phone for my wife

@annika that makes a lot more sense than the "for when you want to take a break from your big phone" marketing they're doing

@annika @troubleMoney I'd really like if smartphones with 3.5-4 inch screens were still available. They are easier to use and pocket than what you get these days, without being so tiny it's getting gimmicky

@annika @troubleMoney I think you can (could?) only order/activate it as a satellite phone?

@annika Still waiting for it to come down in price a bit more but I definitely like what Palm have done with this. A premium accesssory to one's main Android device but a lovely one, nonetheless.

@theauracle i'm very curious to see how it stands on its own, without a companion device

@annika Same, really. Just bring out the Palm for nights out or when you need to travel light.

@annika this is very good and I kinda want one a bunch.


I kinda like that...wonder how well they will keep it updated tho...

I got a Pixel 3a in response to phones not getting updated and issues with my bootloader unlocked Moto...but considered one of these too...

@annika it's cute. I love what punkt are doing (punkt.ch/en/products/mp02-4g-m) but they're just so expensive, this seems a better option

@mil That Punkt phone is really cool. If I actually talked on the phone ever I might consider it! Most of my voice communication happens via Zoom these days tho.
@annika omg! 😍 I really don't need another phone, especially an Android phone, but omg this is so cute!
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