A couple hours ago, I hit the button and launched V2.

This site is a long-time labor of love for us. I hope to keep improving it for years to come. All my thanks to everyone who has been part of the project the past 5+ years.

@SelfsameSynonym Yes, there were some technical restrictions that were hard to work around on the old site, so we never hooked up HTTPS. It's on the list for v2 and should be relatively trivial! cc @mood

@annika no https yet (for me anyway)

but i have bookmarked!

@annika congrats! You can setup https with Let's Encrypt for free, it's dead simple using certbot

@annika it would also be helpful to indicate somewhere in the intro text that this website is only for Americans

@annika hey that's a cool project. If I may, I would ask you to encrypt all connections to the site with https by default. That's very easy to implement ans is a huge benefit for users. Otherwise everything they enter can be read out and even be manipulated by different parties. Same applies for the results you send back.

@Annika Backstrom No https? That's not good for such a touchy subject.
On the plus side, not trackers either, that's great! If you also cache the fontawesome stylesheets and font files on your own domain, you're good! (In addition to https, of course. Let's Envrypt may help.

@annika cool, I was one of the original backers and was always a bit worried that the site wouldn’t ever reach its full potential. I’m glad to see that it’s still being worked on!

@annika This is great! Although we have a few informed consent places that we know of to add to the list for our area. (Western NC, specifically, we know of one for Asheville and two for Hendersonville)

We saw the submissions link, so we'll work on getting the information compiled and submitted when we have the energy to focus.

Also, any chance of grouping/ordering the city list by state? It makes it easier to go through in our opinion.

@annika @rey can i suggest additions of doctors? I had a breast cancer surgeon whose whole office was really nice to me (afab trans masc) and just. No weird vibes absolutely compassionate no fucked pronouns used out of earshot... just Good for helping w a Bad Diagnosis

@annika I'd like to help get information for Providence Rhode island get up here. How can I do that?

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