dear god... thats awesome

I immediately recognized the structure, but it took me a second to get the joke....

@banjofox hopefully people look at it for a sec before checking the alt text :D

@annika @banjofox Oh I tapped to bring it up in full and then the alt text was below so I read it xD I would never have got it, I don't know what a virus looks like

(I love it though!!!)

@enchantedsleeper @annika

Fun facts:
That particular structure is a specific type of virus known as a "bacteriophage" or simply "phage".

@banjofox @annika I've heard of it! Didn't know it was a type of virus though 🤔

@petitevieille @ExperimentV @annika Oui, un virus bactérien. Donc moins offensif pour nous. Je pense que c’est ça la blague.

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