why does my lock up for 10 seconds when i right-click to copy a link

It was . Disabling expansion or quitting the program immediately fixes the problem.

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@charlag i tried turning them all off and it's still bad. it's worse the more active tabs there are

@annika is it because i boosted all those audio recording posts

@alex worth it

seriously though it's been happening for a while

@annika Very likely because there is a program that listens to clipboard events and doesn't handle those events correctly.

Getting clipboard events (or, as they are referred to in X11, SelectionEvent) and managing them correctly is quite difficult, due to the very poor documentation, and even worse compliance by most software.

The first thing I'd try is to start Firefox immediately after logging in and try to reproduce. If that fails, start one program at a time until you find the one that triggers the problem.

Then let me know which one it is and I'd love to analyse what it is doing wrong. I spent quite a bit of time with this when I was implementing cut and paste support in McCLIM. Just look at this documentation, and you'll understand why so few applications do this right:

@loke ahh sorry i'm in Windows, I should have specified :( This is great to know though!

@annika Oh, sorry about that. I know nothing about Windows clipboard behaviour, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's just as crazy as the one in X. 🙂

@loke This totally helped me track down the problem, so thank you. TextExpander does clipboard manipulation and I wouldn't have tested it specifically without your reply!

@annika glad to be of help. I guess it was kinda lucky that Windows is sensitive to bad applications too.

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