Naming sports places after companies has to be one of the stupidest fucking trends. "Guaranteed Rate Field" could you get any more fucking boring or generic

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@annika Amazon bought the naming rights to Seattle's new NHL arena and instead of naming it after the company, they are calling it "Climate Pledge Arena". :ablobgrimace:

LB: I'm tryna watch this Twins-White Sox game and I'm honestly so distracted by how bad a name "Guaranteed Rate Field" is every time I see it.

And I know that calling things Comisky or Wrigley or whatever isn't really any better, it's still rich dudes getting to name stuff whatever they want, it's just that it being more obscure or a long time ago bleaches the names of some of those connections as they maybe become more associated with the ballparks than the individual rich dudes.

But still, any surname would be better than frigging Guaranteed Rate Field.

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