According to The Internet, it costs about $10,000 total to get a pilot's license. That means I can spend $10,000 on building a flight simulator rig instead, right?

@aaronpk is that how much a yoke, throttle, and pedals go for on eBay right now?

@annika 😂😂😂 thank goodness no. I got a T.Flight Hotas One for retail price, but I started going down the rabbit hole of looking at custom chairs and monitor mounts and it goes deeeeep

@aaronpk Ahh I have the same one coming from B&H... eventually.

@annika Nice! I was going to send you a link to Dell where I got mine from but now they're out of stock! I must have got one of the last ones.

@annika @aaronpk Haven't you heard? FS2020 is the new Crysis 😂

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