I probably wouldn't miss too much if I switched to a Linux laptop at this point. Losing would probably be the hardest hit.

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@annika there's some stuff that allegedly replaces Alfred. Not sure tho because I have not used Alfred and the ones I tried weren't very good, and if Alfred is like that I doubt you'd be worried about missing it

@acdw I use Workflows *really* extensively. I could probably replicate a lot of them with scripts, but having the workflows (and filesystem nav) behind a key combo is the real convenience.

@annika oh that sounds awesome! And is *definitely* not what the things I'm thinking of do, lol


I've been on an Ubuntu laptop for two and a half years now and not regretting it.

New job came with a MacBook Pro and I find myself having to work around it.

@emma I'm more comfortable on my Mac than anywhere else, but I'm disconnected enough from the Apple ecosystem that I can entertain the thought of switching. Ubuntu especially is probably in a state where I could use it happily. (I haven't used desktop Linux full time since, like, 2003-era Slackware.)

@annika I switched to a Dell XPS Dev Edition two about two years ago after going between Chromebooks and Windows laptops, I don't really have any regrets (except when I learned the RAM was soldered).

Only things I'm missing that I would like is Adobe support, but GIMP handles the basic stuff I was mostly using PS for, and I have an Android tablet for Lightroom.

@annika Also, I've been on Pop_OS for most of that time, because I get *amazing* battery life on that distro compared to everything else I've tried.

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