I bought a gaming laptop. The specs are nice, having a discrete GPU in a laptop is awesome, but my favorite feature? The thing that really sets this machine apart?

It has a Calculator button.

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@annika brilliant. every day practical shit. we need more of that.

@annika our school computers had a power key on the keyboard which immediately shut down the computer, no questions asked. At some point, it got disabled through a group policy or sth

@annika writing a macro that makes this button launch Quadrilateral Cowboy

@annika a security researcher’s dream! I think you could record many a hilarious demo where you “break into” an app with that

@annika I love calculator button, and miss it on keyboards where I don't have it

@annika Hey, I have that on my keyboard too. I guess it's a gaming keyboard then... I'll program it to role a die, to seal the deal!

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